Blocking, barefoot earth-loving, and music to make you writhe

I spent the morning walking barefoot in my yard.

It’s freezing, and my feet were numb within minutes. It was deliciously sensual, though. With my injury I’ve been cooped up inside the house for over a month.

Standing outside, feeling the earth spin beneath my feet, the sun beating down on my face and arms, the wind whipping around me, was pure heaven. Especially without the narcotics clouding my brain and sensory receptors.

I then decided to put on shoes, because it’s sensible or something, and then to block my shawl. I’d like to use it sometime soon and the weather’s perfect for it. (My house is too small to block a seven foot long, one foot wide shawl.)

After getting it good and wet I learned exactly what a wet sheep smells like.

Not too unpleasant, surprisingly.

Boxes to keep it all from getting tossed about in today’s incredible wind.

Gorgeous, isn’t she? The pattern is Swamp Witch, but I call her Harvest Witch because of my choice of colors — more harvest-time than pond scum. (And it’s a really fast knit. If you want something quick and gorgeous, I highly recommend it.)

Now, back inside to warm my feet and listen to some Dyonisis — the incredibly sexy Eve’s Song. I dare you to sing along with these lyrics and not get all hot and bothered.

Eve, she wants to know things
Eve, she wants to know things
Eve, she wants to try that taste you’re offering…



Yeah, I definitely want to know things after listening to this song. *insert winking emoticon*

Author: Katje

Three raccoons in a trench coat. I write about witches, wolves, and warrior women. Someday I hope to return to the wild where things have always made sense.