Reviews for Bellica!

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So I’m pretty excited about this — I have two really great reviews for Bellica from friends Robin A. Sams and Mary Malinski.

Quotes from each review:

Katje’s character development is fantastic. She feeds details about the characters (and there are a lot of them, but don’t let that intimidate you!) in just large enough doses to keep you on your toes. Just when you think you know one of the characters…some new piece of information is released that changes what you thought you knew.

Bellica — Book Review | Circle of the Sacred Muse

Bellica is filled with vivid characters, and I greatly enjoyed reading their different viewpoints.  I was also angry when certain characters died, even if it was necessary to the story.  This novel overflows with intrigue, passion, and magek. 

Bellica book review | Robin A. Sams

It makes me really happy to know that my book is worthy of such praise. Reading reviews like these really brightens my day.

I hope I can keep the magek going in The Jade Star of Athering and Dead Transgressions!

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In other news: it is the summer solstice today. What are you doing reading my blog? Go out and enjoy the sun god(s’)/desses’ blessings, whether you follow Brighid, Helios, Amaterasu, or Ra! (“Hail to the Sun God! He’s a really fun god! RA RA RA!”)