SFFSat, January 12th, 2013: Silva finds her new True Name

I’m finally doing this again!

I started work on Stranger Skies again this week, and decided I should start posting snippets again — if only to keep myself motivated. (Joking. I’m motivated because the story is awesome.)

In this snippet, Silva, our goddess-turned-mortal, has just finished reading a large tome at the behest of Enendoa, the local witch. The tome is the grimmerie of the first witch of this town, whose name was Thalaea. Silva feels something when she reads the name, but isn’t aware what until Enendoa speaks….


It was like a blow to her hearts. She reverberated with the sound of the word; it flowed through her, tasting as true as sunlight.

Thalaea. Her True Name.

She looked up. Enendoa stood, arms folded in front of her chest, looking at the Lady of the True Woods.

“It means forest, so far as I know.”

Silva stared at the witch dumbly. Didn’t the woman realize she’d just Named a goddess?


Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out the other awesome snippets here, and I’ll see you next week!

Or, you know, hopefully during the week too. 😉

PS: If you just can’t face the rest of the week without more reading material from me and you haven’t yet read Bellica, chapters 1 – 29 have been published both at my writing site and at Wattpad. New chapter 3X/week. So that’s pretty awesome.

15 thoughts on “SFFSat, January 12th, 2013: Silva finds her new True Name

  1. c

    Hah! Not too humble is she? It is a nice name though 🙂 I love wolves so I’ll look forward to more – so keep writing!

      1. Katje

        ETA: This comment was supposed to go at the bottom of the comments thread. Sorry. I am really out of it.

        To everyone: thank you so much!

        I’m sorry, but I don’t have the spoons to reply to each comment individually right now. I thought I did, and I started, but it turns out this week is not good for me spoons-wise. (For an explanation of spoons, click here.)

        I’m really happy to see y’all like my Stranger Skies snippets. Definitely helps with the motivation part of finishing it! It’s looking like it’s going to be a series, now, instead of one standalone. Apparently I’m too naturally verbose to do anything short.

        So now I have to rework the plot, which means I probably won’t finish by the end of February. That’s okay! More story = more snippets for y’all!

        I’m off to read everyone else’s posts (and hopefully scrounge up enough spoons to comment).


    1. Katje

      Thanks! Coming up with names for this story has been a bit more difficult than usual, as this world is not Terra-based at all; completely alien. So I can’t do my standard “riffle through a Latin dictionary”. 😉

      Also, yay another wolf-lover! I was raised with wolf-dogs and my mom has had wolf-dogs in her life for a looooong time — 40+ years now. We call our home WolfHaus, and mom’s pen name is Kaimana Wolff. Also she started the True Woods series/universe, which is where I’m writing this book (sort of).

  2. S.A. Check

    Great snippet and flow. I liked “a blow to her hearts”. You slip that in very nonchalantly and as I reader I always appreciate picking up on details that way.

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