Lay Down Thine Apathy, Canada

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Ok, I’m talking about politics again. This is important. This is urgent. There are two bills right now that will further drag us down the road to a totalitarian nightmare state. Bill C-51, being voted on by the Senate on Tuesday, will basically establish a secret police and make it dangerous for any Canadian to voice dissenting opinions online or anywhere else.

The second has already become law. Bill C-24 turns millions of Canadians into second-class citizens who can be stripped of their citizenship and exiled at any point.

These two bills are ostensibly “anti-terror” bills, but the truth is they’re only going to cause more terror for Canadian citizens.

An image of a moose standing in water. Text reads: Dear Senators, in Canada you are more likely to be killed by a moose than by a terror plot. Use your sober second thought. #RejectFear and Stop C-51.

Both of these bills affect me directly. I’m political online and I often dissent from the Harperium. If C-51 goes into effect and they start cracking down, I’m in danger of being arrested for “terrorism”. (Because talking about the issues in my country instead of repeating platitudes about how the Cons have our best interests at heart “incites terror”.) C-24 affects me even more directly — I’m one of those millions of Canadians who no longer can be assured of their citizenship. I was born in Vancouver, but I’m a dual citizen — and even if I weren’t, I’d still be eligible to apply for US citizenship. I can be stripped of my citizenship and exiled from my homeland.

My mom is in danger, too. She immigrated here when she was 3. She’s a Canadian citizen, but under C-24 she’s a second class citizen.

So far the list of things that can get you exiled isn’t large, but it will be expanded — and with bill C-51, what do you think the odds are that “protesting the gov’t” will be included in the list of punishable offences? Mom and I protest the Harperium and our provincial gov’t on a regular basis.

We need to fight for our liberty, Canada. We need to shed the shroud of apathy and stand up and demand our rights and freedoms back. Too long we’ve stood idly by while Harper and his cronies run this country into the ground.

There’s still a chance to stop these bills. Sign the petition against C-24, and contact your MP. It may be law but if enough people cry out, maybe we can get it repealed.

C-51 gets voted on by the Senate on Tuesday. Contact your province’s Senators and urge them to vote against it. (You can contact them here as well.) Don’t let them vote in a bill that will destroy our country.

Canada might not be perfect, but in my lifetime it hasn’t been this terrible. I am watching my country go up in flames — instead of things getting better, they’re getting worse. We went from colonialist assholes to progressive, if slow-moving, thinkers, and now we’re going straight into an Orwell novel. How did we end up moving backwards instead of forwards? What happened?

I was gone for 10 years in the States. I came back, and found my country unrecognizable.

Please, take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen. If you’re Canadian, sign the petition and email your Senators. If you’re not Canadian but you know some, share this post. Urge them to take action.

Do it for Canada. Do it for the True North, strong and free.