It pays off. I found my notebook!

As I was posting earlier it occurred to me, somewhere in that thing I call a brain, that the notebook may be in my set of plastic, clear drawers, because I remembered setting the notebook on top of the drawers while I was packing.

So I toddled on down to the garage, where all my stuff is sitting until we can get a yurt built in the backyard for me (no lie; I’m living in the library right now), and looked in the clear drawers and lo! my notebook! And the notebook for The Man of Bronze, and my AA batteries!

A good day, overall. I’m going to reward my hard work with some Glee, and then I’m going to write.


I promise.

I’m still your best pilot

I wrote 4,602 words in January and haven’t penned one since. I’m hoping to write about 26k a month this summer to try and catch up. We’ll see how that goes.

Story goals are same as before, with an addition.

  1. Finish editing Parts 2 and 3 of Bellica and upload to site.
  2. Finish The Jade Star of Athering.
  3. Finish The Man of Bronze.
  4. Finish Islands of Fire and Water.
  5. Start that new story idea in November.
  6. Publish Bellica in hardcopy.
  7. Write Snowbound sequel (?).
  8. Write short story that’s been bouncing around in my head for weeks now.

I’m going to see if I can do that before Saturday and under 3,000 words so I can submit it to a contest. I’m only a little bit crazy.

Other things on my plate this summer: getting Stars Above, Stars Below, Publishing more well-known, and with more than 2 books out. The third book is coming out this weekend, and will be presented in a special 2-author poetry reading at Breakwater Books in Powell River, May 15th, 7pm. Kaimana Wolff and I will be presenting from generation of thistles (her new poetry book, published by MCH) and glasstown (my old one, published by The Pack Press).

Getting a full-time job? Gods know writing and publishing don’t pay enough yet, and I’m 2300 dollars in debt currently. (This is not counting my student loans.) I also would like to eat next school year; just a thought.

Getting ready for the school year. I have decided to try and finish my Anthropology and Theatre degree, as well as taking French on top of that. If I work super hard and am lucky enough to land the classes I need when I need them, then I can finish my degree in two years. This is important to me, because I started college when I was 17, and I’d like to get my degree in fewer than 10 years. So finishing by the time I’m 26? Win.

I haven’t branched out as much as I wanted to with regards to finding writer friends. Still hoping to find that snarky, bitter writer that I can share all my bile and vitriol with.

There was a plan to move to San Francisco after the summer, but that has been scrapped for family reasons, and other factors. I am sad about this, but I shall just have to go to SF at a later date.

Bellica is going through a small hiatus; my editor managed to fry her computer and only now has had it fixed and is getting caught up with stuff. Updates to return next week.

Also, big news: Bellica should be published by the Pack Press this summer! Yes, that means that in addition to reading it for free online, you can buy your own paperback copy in bookstores in BC starting this summer. Details on the date, book launch, signings, tour? to come as soon as I know them.

And last but not least as I need to get dressed and walk the dog, I am now to be found on LibraryThing. I’m not an author there yet, but with your help, I can be. If you have a copy of glasstown and you’re on LibraryThing, please add it to your collection of books. When my books appear on LT, then I can become an LT author.

Also, feel free to add me as a friend. Kaimana Wolff is on there too, and she’s got author status. Go forth and favorite her!

Well, that’s that. Stay classy, internets.


Captain of the Carpet Ship

Drank quite a bit of vodka tonight, but thought I’d just pop in and say that Bellica is up at my writing site, so you should go check out the prologue and the first chapter.

I’ve been doing 14 hour days at school since we began. Now things really get crazy.

Trying to get back into writing, but this show is killing me. Maybe I will find time this week? With my homework for my second- and third-year classes?


Also need to get Snowbound edited so I can send it in to the Writers of the Future Contest. Wish me luck (well, time, mostly).


Writing hiatus

I am taking a break from writing anything new until September 8th because I have to work on editing Snowbound, preparing for Dragon*Con, going to Dragon*Con, getting together a working props list for Dove In Death (a production that goes off the end of September), getting together my production stuff for Just Shoot Me (the show I’m directing in November), and losing some weight so I can be IN the fall show that goes off end of October (The Balcony).

Yes, three shows overlapping, right after the other. Plus 5 classes (more than  full load), dance classes, morning yoga, and working out at the gym 3 times a week. And then there’s making my GYWO word count goals, which are 10K for Sept, 5K for Oct, 50K for November, and 5k for December. Yay.

Also, I have decided to publish my novels, etc, serially on my writing site. You can start reading Bellica with the Prologue sometime before Sept. 20th, which is the official start date — ie, when Chapter 1 is up.

I’ll be putting up Islands of Fire and Water and The Man of Bronze sometime in 2010, too, provided I finish writing them and then edit them this year. Snowbound is getting turned into a contest (which I’m still eligible for, because NO WAY will I get 5,000 hits before the contest runs through, and I’m not getting paid for these works), so it’ll be a while before that one comes up.

The Jade Star of Athering won’t be up for a while, cause I haven’t written it yet.

So yeah — check it out. And if you wish to continue to see my works online, please consider donating to fund my writing habit. 🙂

See you after Labour Day Weekend (which is just going to be one big party, man.)



In case you go looking for the second poem I mentioned in my last entry, it’s not up. I deleted it because I realized it needed more work and wasn’t ready for public consumption just yet.

BSG was fucking phenomenal. That show has changed my life. I never thought I’d say that about a TV show, but there you go. Some of the things said…profound. And epic and heart-breakingly beautiful. I sobbed. That is the sign of a good story.

Obviously I’m too tired to speak coherently at this point,  so I’m going to sign off. Tomorrow: finish glasstown, write essays for class, and finish editing/rewriting Part 1 of Bellica.

New Poems!

I wrote two more poems today, bringing me a third of the way to my year’s goal. View can be read here, and my Hierophant meets my High Priestess: all bets called off is scheduled for tomorrow.

I think I may put my most recent poems into glasstown as well; I need to add more to it. Make it thicker. And a lot of my old stuff is just crap.

July word count: 76,346 words
YTD count: 124,301

Still working on edits for Bellica; maybe done by August 5th? That’s my hope. I also have essays to write for class and a final to study for, so that is kind of my priority as I need to have at least a 9 GPA this intersession (for those of you used to the US 0 – 4.0 system, here we use a 0 – 10 system; I’ll outline it now).

10     A+
9       A
8       A-
7      B+
6      B
5      B-
4     C+
3     C
2     C-
1     D
0    F

The “A” section is considered “First Class,” the “B” section “Second Class,” the “C” and “D” sections “Pass,” and the F is of course Fail. At this point I have a 7 — a B+. I would need to get a 10 each semester for the next four years in order to get a 9 GPA before I grad. Meaning I’d need at least 95% in each class.

I want to get that sort of GPA because it helps when one is looking into doing a secondary degree, and I may want my Master’s at some point so I can teach. I sort of have that desire somewhere in me.

So that’s a long-winded way of saying “School takes priority right now; sorry guys.” But after this class I have a month off before I start courses again, so I will be writing like a fiend in that time. (You know in between all the other things I have planned like DRAGON*CON.)

And I am off because tonight is Battlestar Galactica night; we’re about to finish the final season and WE ARE SO EXCITED.



So, screw the term “editing” — I’m doing a whole frakkin’ rewrite. The entire first part of my novel is completely nonviable. It’s boring. The characters are, well, out — of character.

So I started a rewrite today (yesterday; it’s four am) and have written over 4600 fresh words so far. Tomorrow I must dedicate to a paper, at least, and then I can work more on the book.

Haven’t been able to hit the gym because of horrible blisters on my feet. Ah well. This gives me more time to write.


Liking the rewrite a lot more but now worried I have to rewrite the entire book, as my characters are….different. The relationships and everything have changed.

Le sigh.

On the plus side, inspiration blindsided me on Thursday after class and have now solved the problem of not knowing what the feck to do for Bellica‘s sequel. I’ve changed the name and figured out the plot. Now I can’t wait for November so I can start writing The Jade Star of Athering. It’s going to be good. (I’m actually doing an outline this time.)

If I can rewrite the entire first part of Bellica this weekend, I’ll be incredibly pleased with myself.

So tired. Collapsing into bed now. I hope I wake up in the morning and not the afternoon.


PS: current gywo count is 107,101.


Still haven’t gotten down to editing. After finishing I was up for two days straight, basically. Last night I slept 13+ hours straight, and now I’m up till 4am because I slept too much last night.

I swear I’m not on Earth’s schedule.

Tomorrow is class and gym and hopefully edit. I do also have to work on my three papers for class, though, which are all due a week from now. Feck.

You may notice the synopsis is up for The White Star of Athering. Do not assume this means I know what the feck I’m writing. I do not.

I also need to get cracking on my other stories as soon as possible.

Weekend? Please do not elude me.


So close to the climax

Feminist author rants about avoiding sexism with the written word.

Godsdammit but trying to write feminist sex-scenes with a female character who’s a virgin and a male character who is decidedly not and is also much older than she is fucking hard.

Er. Difficult.

I’m actually past the climax at this point, but couldn’t resist the joke in the title. He’s on the run for his life, they’ve just been engaged to be married.

See the thing is is that my book — or at the very least the scenes with these characters — will probably be categorized as not-feminist because people will see it as falling into the patriarchy trap or somesuch nonsense. When the truth is that there is no such thing as the patriarchy trap in this world I’m writing about because it’s run by a matriarchy. If anything, this sex scene that I’m writing is actually really really different from standard sexual liaisons that occur in this world.

But, you know, we’re reading it in this world here where this sex scene may be seen as too traditional — girl is virgin until engagement, and nervous about first time. Guy is much older and much more experienced. Etc, you know the story and you are qutie sick of it. But I don’t really have any control over what my characters do.

The thing is I do consider my works to be feminist because they are not done within a male-dominated viewpoint. That is, even when I write my male characters, primary concern is not “what will men think of this”.  Primary concern is “how will this affect me” or “how will this affect the goddesses I serve” or “how will this affect my relationship with other characters, regardless their genders”. Which is how it is in this feminist’s life (yes, I am a feminist — I really hope this doesn’t surprise you, because it shouldn’t). If something I do does have some sort of affect on the men around me, that’s a side-effect that was not calculated into the original action.

Like earthquakes. Earthquakes happen because the earth needs to release tension. And they royally fuck up our lives in the process, sometimes killing us. But the earth doesn’t just get up and say to herself  “I’m going to kill some humans today! Yeehaw!” and then proceed to shake the shit out of us. The earth says “Damn, there’s a crick in my spine, maybe if I just stretch this way… *rumble* …aaaah! There we are!” and then it just happens to have an affect on us.

So replace humans with men and earth with women in that scenario and you see what I mean. (Not with killing, obviously. It’s not a perfect metaphor.)


In other news, my YTD word count for GYWO is 15,488. That’s 15,240 in Bellica and 248 in two short vignettes which can be found at live-in demons and absent angels (note that the second one is schedule to post on Tuesday morning, so you won’t see it till then), which is one of my tumblr sites. I’m posting these vignettes there because they’re quite a bit different from the work I post at Muerta’s Tears. And no, they’re not blog posts, because they’re not something I write in my blog when I’m bored. They’re something I write and then post online because I want people to read them.

Bellica has become my own private Athena. I get headaches when I don’t write now. I’m getting the beginnings of one as I type this and I’ve only stopped working on the book for about 5 minutes. I can’t stop writing on it. Last weekend I wrote 40 hand-written pages on it. The past two days I’ve written another 12 or 13. And this month I’ve typed 8,105 words — larger word count than I got last month, and I’ve had a way later start this month.

Reaching the climax just released the floodgates. I’m glad I had the past week off school, otherwise I would have totally fucked over my academic career in pursuit of plot.

Ok. Back to the grindstone. I’ll be checking in sometime in March, when I work on doing 50 hours of editing Bellica (I’ll be finishing it this first week of March) and writing 10,000 words on The Man of Bronze.