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An Update on the Back Situ

Well, last night we went to a different emergency room — one here on the mainland — so I could get an x-ray. About 30 seconds before my x-ray was to happen — wheeled into the room, everything — the power went out. We ended up waiting around another few hours while they worked on getting the computers to work again. Thank the gods for mom’s Kindle. All told we were there for 7 hours. The x-rays showed my bones as being normal, so we got a referral for a CT scan. It was scheduled for this afternoon and

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[hardly] Mundane Monday: Mildly Concussed [TMI health issues; bodily functions]

I have a mild concussion.  It should be the least of my worries; what with the possibly herniated disc. On Thursday I had really bad back pain and tried to sleep it off; by Friday it was worse. My mom came for a visit on Friday evening. I was incapacitated so we called the nursing hotline. Because I had tingling and numbness and because I’d spent an hour on the floor at some point that day, crying, unable to get up (until I finally did force myself to do it, through the pain, which may have injured my back

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Rape Culture and Fatphobia

[TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE, FATPHOBIA] “Fat girls should be happy for any attention.” “Oh, come on, she’s too fat to be raped!” How many times have you heard or seen the above sentiments, or ones similar to them? How many times have you uttered them, either because you truly believe they’re true or because you’ve internalized hatred of yourself, or both? I’ve heard and seen these sentiments a lot. I wish I had a quarter for each time, because then I’d have enough quarters for several rolls of quarters, and then I’d use them to beat people. Namely misogynistic fatphobic

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Why I’m pro-life.

You’re probably reading this post because you think I’m going to blog about how immoral it is for uterus-bearing people to have any sort of determination over their own lives, because I think that a fetus’ life matters more than a grown person’s. I’m not. That’s not what pro-life means. That’s what people in the anti-choice movement, who have co-opted the term pro-life, mean when they rant about abortion being “murder” and hold up their signs with the pictures of the dead fetuses in an effort to scare people to their way of thinking. I’m pro-life because I believe

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Mundane Monday: holy crap house showing already!

As you may or may not know, I am moving soon – at the end of October, to be precise. I just got home from Vancouver last night to find a note on my door: “First house showing at 6:30pm on Monday, is that okay?” Well, of course it’s okay, because I may be out of town again on Wednesday through Sunday and I sort of wish to be a good tenant in these last two months. (My landlady is awesome and I’m pretty sad about moving, honestly, but finances require it.) However, this means I must clean! my

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I am a terrorist.

Or I would be, if I had ever had an abortion. Perhaps that’s not what Matt Emerson meant when he compared a woman’s right to choose to the events of 9/11, 2001, but that’s certainly how it read (and remember kiddies, intent is not magic). Emerson is talking specifically about abortions that remove one twin, or one or two triplets, and leave one fetus intact. He says that such abortions mean we’re in the future hypothesized in Brave New World, because human life has no value. Apparently the only human life that should have value is life that hasn’t

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Mundane Monday: I am a thrift store queen

I would like to show you what I picked up today at Talize, a Value Village-like thrift store in Delta (where my boyfriend lives). Picture taken with my phone, so excuse the quality please. That is a 1952 Singer sewing machine, in working order, attached to a table. It needs a few touch ups and some cleaning, but by and large it works perfectly. Eight dollars. That’s right. Eight dollars. This brings my sewing machine roster up to 3 — another Singer in a table, though much newer, and a…Pfaff, I think, I can’t recall, that has been broken

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Stop Calling It “Chick Lit”

Seriously, just stop. Just because a book is written with a female main character and the focus of the plot is on her life does not make it “literature that only chicks want to read, hurrr”. Just because it’s fluffy does not make it “chick lit”. Just because it appeals to women does not relegate it to this oft-overlooked, oft-disparaged corner of the literature world. The truth is it appeals to men as well. The truth is it may be fluffy, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold some deep truths in it. That doesn’t mean it can’t speak

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Why words like “overweight” bother me.

If you’ve been paying attention the past several years, you’ll know we have an “obesity epidemic” on our hands. Well, that’s what they like to call it. I don’t, because it makes it seem like we fat people are the disease. The way we get treated by most people, you’d think we were. I don’t mind the descriptor “fat”. In fact I embrace it. It’s completely devoid of any negative or positive denotation — all it means is that I have an abundance of adipose tissue on my frame. That’s it. Simple, to the point, accurate. I am fat.

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30 in 30: Day 12 (in which I pick apart Anne McCaffrey’s “feminism” and tell you why ten year olds really should not read her books (or my posts, truthfully))

A book or series of books you’ve read more than five times Ugh. I really really really wish I could say The Black Jewels Trilogy for this one, but unfortunately I keep on losing my copy of that one and haven’t replaced enough times to have read it more than five times (I have read it four times). So in the interest of full disclosure…Freedom’s Landing, by Anne McCaffrey. Don’t judge me! I was young! I did it for the money sex scene! To be fair, though, Freedom’s Landing is a pretty good book, even if it is a