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Whatever Wednesday: Fall is my favorite season

It’s just perfect. You get a nice blend of sunny and cool. Everything smells wonderful. The world is an explosion of colors. You can wear your nice sweaters and not freeze to death. It’s far less muddy than spring. Both Thanksgiving and Halloween (favourite holiday, ever) fall within autumn’s purview — at least, if you’re in Canada. If you’re in the US your Christmas Half-Time Show Thanksgiving is in Winter. And, you know, despite not really being a fan of colonialism or celebration thereof, I do love Thanksgiving. I’ve completely disassociated it from the genocide of my ancestors. For

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Mamma Mia, here I go again!

Sleep is for the weak. I went to bed early last night — 11 pm! This is early considering my average bedtime for the past four nights has been six am. I figured I’d sleep until 9am — early enough so that I’d be tired come this evening, so I could actually get up on time for my SOOPER EARLY OMG WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Assuming it would take me an hour to fall asleep, as it usually does, that’s about nine hours. After four hours of sleep punctuated with really weird, very

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Apologies for being AWOL

It has been a weird month or so. Very busy, like a bee, if bees are busy. Haven’t had a chance to do any SFFSat, as much because my laptop, where my WIPs reside, has been acting up, as because I’ve been busy. I’m in the process of backing it up and taking it in for repairs; may not see it till Monday. It shall be a very hard time. Actually, not really — I’m going camping this weekend! So no SFFSat from me this week either. So, some quick bits of news today, and then I’ll see you

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Blog Tour: An interview with Aristeia author Wayne Basta!

Wayne Basta Today I’ll be interviewing Wayne Basta, author of Aristeia: Revolutionary Right and Aristeia: A Little Rebellion, which just got released on June 1st. Wayne is on a blog tour in honor of his latest novel release and Gossip Diet is one of his stops. I’m excited about this, and I hope you are too. Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer? Inspiring me as a writer? Aside from the writer of every good book I’ve read not really. There are a lot of people who have instrumental in me becoming a writer. First, my Dad

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The Face of Insomnia

I posted on Google+ the other day (or perhaps it was yesterday) that I’m so stressed this week I’m taking a step back from online life. This was apparently a lie, because now the stress has snuck into my brain and prevented me from sleeping — the activity I’d slotted into my “online time”. I am exhausted right now. I would do anything to sleep. It is 4:22 am and I’m supposed to be awake and getting ready for my day in 2 hours. So, what to do? Write a blog post complaining about my insomnia, complete with ridiculous

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SFFSat: will Yarrow survive?

Welcome to Science-Fiction Fantasy Saturday! Here we have the final snippet of Yarrow’s fate on the slopes of Mt. Impri. Read snippet one here and snippet two here. The shape came closer, and she saw six legs – no, wait, now two legs and four arms as it moved to trot upright, large iridescent wings behind it for balance. It was covered in a thick white fur, but that was all she noticed for in the next instant a blur of white and black collided with the creature from the side, knocking it down and rolling away with it,

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Kingdom of Loathing: an adventurer is me!

Ages ago I used to play an online game called Kingdom of Loathing. I played several different characters and never could get the hang of it. So I quit and promptly forgot my login information. Well, someone very special to me currently plays it, and has been hinting for a while that I should too, namely by copy-pasting funny bits from the Wiki or the game in Skype chats. (You may be able to guess that this special person is my boyfriend. If you haven’t, well, now I’ve told you.) So I decided to pick it up again. Mainly

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To read the first part of this snippet click HERE. The thought was half-formed in her mind when the sound became a high-pitched keening scream. She tried to clamp her hands over her ears but stood paralysed, rooted to the spot. Out of the darkness came a lumbering white shape, galloping towards her with deadly purpose. It continued to scream and Yarrow felt her blood freeze in her veins as she realised what it was. Flesh Screamer. She stood, unable to move, desperately trying to draw her sword. Her body wouldn’t obey. Her skin felt tight and hard, all

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“Today I” — a points post

My mom does this thing where she lists the points of her day — ie, every thing she accomplished, no matter the size. Her goal is 24 points a day. She doesn’t give herself negative feedback; only positive. That’s the theory, anyway. So I’m giving it a whirl. I could use some positive encouragement. Today I …. Got up before 8am. Got out the door before 9 (that’s when my class starts). Did not cry when faced with the evil parking meter of doom nor my welling up feelings of anger surrounding the ableism in Canada’s redundant bureaucracies. Managed

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SFFSat: wherein Yarrow walks up Mt. Impri

In this snippet from Bellica Yarrow is walking back up the mountain after her hunting trip. True to her pessimistic prediction, the sun had set by the time she reached the treeline, and she laboured up the rocky, snow-sprinkled slope in the dark. Soon the moons rose and cast their silver light, giving an eerie shine to the rust-coloured rock of the rest of the Blood Mountains that stretched away in a long range, far to the north, and the river with the same name that ran through them. Yarrow stopped to look at the view behind her several