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oh hey, i remembered this thing exists.

ok, so, long and short of it — i’ve been up all night and i can’t see straight at this point. yesterday i got informed we have another flood. for those of you keeping score at home, this is flood number 3 in our time here. the first was the weekend before our wedding, the second was last november (so only a few months ago), and the third was yesterday.

the good news is this flood seems to be the least severe of the three, so they’re getting better? i guess?

regardless it meant i spent yesterday dealing with flood stuff instead of WORKING AS I WAS SUPPOSED TO so i have now been up all night getting work done that needed to be done for today.

anyway i’m too tired to deal with proper capitalization right now. or maybe ever. also, if you see any extra t’s in my post it’s because that key is coming up on my keyboard and i have to periodically SQUISH ITS TINY HEAD.

so sunday was my very first author takeover! how exciting is that! if you missed it, that’s ok, i’m sure to do another one at some point. and if you really wanted in on the giveaways, no worries, i’ll do more of those too. (hey, if you really want to know about future book giveaways, become a member of Loony Nation! so important i capitalized it.)

anyway the takeover was a lot of fun and i had a lot of engagement on my posts, so that was very nice. made me feel like i was not completely failing at it, which my brain convinced me i was going to do in the lead up to it. because my brain hates me and wants me to suffer.

but it was a good event so my brain was wrong this time and haha, i bite my thumb at it. which is a very awkward position to get into.

so because of the flood i have now taken down my xmas trees and am in the process of putting away xmas stuff, which i suppose should make me feel like i have my life together but it really doesn’t. also, we found a box of books we didn’t know we owned and for a while i was very confused as to if they were even ours. it was a weird fucking combo of fantasy books (most of which were likely Mr Katje’s) and stuff like The Poisonwood Bible or a book on companion planting or stuff from Oprah’s book club. also The Hunger Games, and Fifty Shades 1 and 2.

i mean those last 2 also make sense because of my fifty shades of drinking video log that is on indefinite hiatus because of computer issues, mea culpa mea culpa, except that those copies were clean and not filled with notes in the marigins to the tune of FUCKING KILL ME ALREADY THIS BOOK IS CANCER, as does the hunger games because i actually like that series, but with the rest of the stuff thrown in it was such a fucking weird mess i was very doubtful they were ours, but MORE doubtful they belonged to the landlords.

when mr katje got home we figured it out; it was a box of stuff from his room that his mom had added a bunch of books she wanted to get rid of to. at least we think that’s the case. so now i have a stack of random books on our freezer that i need to find a place to put away. could be worse!

book writing and stuff

ok so one thing i really wanna say before my eyes completely crap out on me and i need to stumble into bed to put my monstrous machine over my face so i can not die in my sleep is that i am finally getting back to writing. it’s been like, a year and a half, and in that time i have not felt excited about my writing at all.

sometimes writers’ block is really depression.

but i’m finally excited again! i’ve been doing a lot of worldbuilding writing and plotting out of from the ashes, which is the sequel to stranger skies and book 2 in the borderlands saga overall. i am so excited to get back into this story, so thrilled to work on this series again. and that’s an amazing feeling when you’ve been spending a year and a half feeling like you’ll never be able to write again. i’ve even plotted out the book after from the ashes as well! (currently titled the moonrunner. except capitalized. don’t judge my laziness right now. writing is hard.)

i have some specific goals with this series which i’m not going to get into here/now, because it’s too soon, and anyway, newsletter subscribers hear it first. but i am going to be sharing my writing progress updates publically on facebook and google plus, so if you’re on those social media networks and you want to read about my getting words on the page, you should follow me! you should also subscribe to my newsletter, hint hint. i promise i won’t zerg rush your inbox.

i will also be posting writing update compilations here, ie, grabbing a week’s worth of fb/g+ posts and putting them in one post here, because some of the posts might be super small and i don’t want to make several small blog posts.

but yes, i’m going to be starting real work on From the Ashes again really soon and I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT YIPPEEEE.

ok 2 more updates and then bed

BELLICA IS FREE ON KINDLE. this took me like a year of work and one or two ritual sacrifices but it finally happened and kindle price-matched bellica to free. huzzah! so if you have friends who haven’t picked it up yet, or if you haven’t for some weird reason, go forth and download from the mighty Zon. (it’s also now available through Pronoun, which pushes books to big distributors a bit like Smashwords except i kind of like it more. sorry smashwords. i will still use you for the other distributors that pronoun doesn’t cover though!)

–expect to see a few posts go up here in the near future that were originally published on my medium account. i’m still going to be publishing stuff to medium, just also publishing it here when i do, and i hadn’t yet done that with the posts that are currently up.


ok i’m off to sleep

later fellow loons


My Dysfunctional Relationship with Library Books

I adore libraries. I love them so much. They are my happy place, and I have a not-so-secret but currently-impractical-as-fuck desire to be a librarian. (Impractical because, um, yeah, don’t have money to go back to school for a COMPLETELY NEW SET OF SKILLS.)

I love to go to the library and browse books. The shelves are full of possibility for me, even when the SFF section is severely lacking (as it often is, where I’ve lived — why would we have book ONE in a series anywhere in our system? MADNESS — here, have books #6-9, they’re much better. I jest, only partly). The library is about so much more than the tried and true SFF for me — it’s about exploration, finding something new.

Several somethings new.

Every time I go to the library for one book I invariably come home with a bag that is BULGING with them. My library book bag is a good size; it’s canvas, from the Questionable Content store on Topataco. It carries a good number of books — it carries the amount of books I will actually read in the time I have them out. Yet I always overfill it, sometimes carrying books in my arms, too.

At some point in my life, my reading skill went down. I used to be a fast reader with high comprehension. I am now a slow reader, with high comprehension only if I have enough energy — which is often not the case. I like to blame university for this change — you can often hear me lamenting that I used to be an avid reader before 10 years of academia broke me. That’s partially true; it took me a while to be emotionally ready to be a reader again.

I am emotionally ready now, and still my brain won’t cooperate.

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May ’13 Book Haul (or I Have an Infestation of Vashta Nerada Please Send HEY WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS?)

Hey, it’s June! Holy fuck when did that happen.

Anyway, as I actually acquired new books last month I figured I’d share which ones I got with y’all, and how I plan to never ever read them. (I have too many books. Someday they will revolt. Either they will, or the alien flesh-eating beasties that live within their pages will.)

Book #1, May book haul #1
Book 1 — a knitting book!
Book #2, May book haul #1
Book 2 — another knitting book!

Tweed: More than 20 Contemporary Designs to Knit, by Nancy J. Thomas, and More Big Girl Knits, by Jillian Moreno & Amy R. Singer

Mom and I had to head to Oscar’s a while back and I found these two sitting in the discount bin. Each was 5 dollars, instead of 35. I had a little bit of extra money and I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that. So I got them, along with a journal. Because I have a problem. (No, seriously, I have several empty journals waiting for me to eventually get to them. I probably never will.)

I’m excited about the first one because I do love tweed, and the second one, well. Duh. The title is terrible but who cares? It’s not like we buy knitting books for their incredible titles.

May, 2013, book haul #2
Books 3 thru 17 — a bunch of fiction and one non.

An Echo in the Bone and Lord John and the Private Matter by Diana Gabaldon; Time and Chance by Kim Campbell; Trigger by Susan Vaught; The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan; The Help by Kathryn Stockett; The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo; Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen; In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant; The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson; A Cup of Tea by Amy Ephron; The Edible Woman and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood; River, Cross My Heart by Breena Clarke; and Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

This batch I scored from the book exchange upstairs. I didn’t leave any books this time, but I will next time I’m up there and I have a book or two to get rid of. (There are a lot of books up there, so I’m not too worried about even numbers. People are constantly adding to and taking from the collection.) Anyway, this means they were all free.

Two Margaret Atwood picks: The Blind Assassin and The Edible Woman. I’ve only read The Handmaid’s Tale and The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home (not finished yet; not sure if it’s even done) by her, and I didn’t have these yet. Someday I’ll read them! And the other Atwood books in my collection. Not sure what they are off the top of my head.

A couple of Diana Gabaldon books — Lord John and the Private Matter and An Echo in the Bone, though I can’t start the second one until I’ve read the rest of that series. Kim Campbell’s memoir — not sure if I’ll ever actually read it, but she is my godmother so I figured I sort of had to have a copy of her memoir.

The copy of Trigger that I picked up is an ARC. It’s YA, about a kid who tries to kill himself. So I’m interested. The Joy Luck Club, The Help, Water for Elephants, and Like Water for Chocolate are all within the category of “everyone keeps saying I should read this, so I guess I will eventually,” and they were free and there and so I said Hey, why not?

As for the rest of them, they just sort of caught my eye. Expect reviews whenever I get to them. (Going to try to get better about reviewing stuff, here and at Goodreads.)

I’m also going to do a book haul post at the beginning of every month, about the books I got in the previous month. No books acquired? No post.

Happy reading!