The Smell of Hope in the Morning

We’ve come to the end of an era, my friends. Not a particularly lovely era. A dark age, to be precise. We’ve come through the night and a new day has dawned, bright and shining (and misty in Nanaimo) — a new day, and we can have hope again, because change has come. 

He’s human, of course. We all are. I do not think we should worship the man. I think we should be grateful for what he’s brought us — hope — and for the chance we have to get things fixed. I think we as Canadians should be grateful there is a leader in charge of our neighbor to the south who will actually give a rat’s ass about what goes on in Canada, what matters to Canadians, and the relationship between our countries, which has become strained of late. 

I think Obama cares. But I think we have to take the initiative to let him know. I think we need to take the first step, the step that says “Dear Obama — we are Canadian, and this is what matters to us — this is what being Canadian is.”  CBC has done this with Obama’s Playlist — a collection of 49 songs from north of the 49th parallel that demonstrate Canuckitude. And now Kaimana Wolff, inspired by CBC’s project, has started Poems for Obama, a drive to collect 49 Canadian poems to send to the 44th president as an, albeit late, inaguaration present. 

I’m submitting my poem transit stories, and Kaimana is submitting some poems as well. We already have submissions from poets such as Susan Musgrave — you don’t need to be published or famous to submit. Just Canadian, or close enough to make no nevermind (living in Canada as a Canadian is more important that a piece of paper declaring your citizenship). We want poems that demonstrate what being Canadian is — poems with real Canadian content. 

We’re sure you can do this, Canada. Come on — let your light shine. 

who is partying like there’s no tomorrow

The Grind

Dear gods.

I have managed to neglect writing for a while. Not handwriting. Typing. I’ve handwritten some stuff but I know it’s not going to amount to many words when the time comes to type it up.

I’m so swamped and I procrastinate like a motherfrakker and — well, you’ve heard this song and dance before so it doesn’t really matter.

Current actual wordcount: 5,592
Current projected wordcount (ie, where I’m supposed to be at): 14,516

So, yeah — about that? Getting right on it. Soon as I sleep and get some shite done.

In other news — look! I got blogged about!

off to a good start

 Wrote 2,681 words today. Good words, even. That’s 4x my daily goal for January (would be too simple to have a year-long daily goal of 450 words, you see). If I keep this up I’ll finish Bellica by the 15th. Sweet.  

Torturing characters again. It’s what I’m good at. Happiness is for wimps. 

Happy New Year! (First Post of 2009)

And, because I hate myself, I’m doing [info]getyourwordsout
  this year. I’m pledging 200K words. That’s just under 17K a month. Can I do it? Oh yes. I think I can.  


Actually, though, when I looked over my word count goals that I’d set for this year ANYway, I realized it added up to 200K exactly. Eerie. And proof that I’m meant to do this, obviously. 

Thanks to [info]dameboudicca

  for letting me know about it just in time to join. ^_^ 

Updated my profile page and the website; now all the word count reports from 07/08 are on my site and my profile is less cluttered. 

I’m trying like heck to stay up till midnight but I’m sooooo.tireeeeeeeeed.

Sigh. Only an hour and ten minutes. (And yes, I know I dated this post as Jan. 1st I’M CHEATING LEAVE ME ALONE.)

No more Pepsi late at night. Makes me weird. 


New and Exciting Forms of Procrastination

1. Sleeping all day. 
2. Reading again. Currently reading The Love of a Good Woman by Alice Munro (collection of short stories) and As Francesca by Martha Baer, a BDSM-y novel I’m enjoying quite a bit. 
3. Dinner at 3 am! 
4. A multitude of sites. 
5. Posting in my LJ instead of writing. 
6. Doing the dishes. 
7. Cleaning in general. 
8. And now, again, sleeping. 

Good night, all! (she said at 7 am)



Only got 28,274 words for November.

Goal for Fimo is 25K words and the entire thing edited. Then I try to get it published.

…coming shortly: Fimofail.

Half-way mark!

25,486 words done this month; 163,534 words done total.

And 87% done with the book. 😀 

I love how I have absolutely no control over the story now. It's fully the characters' tale to tell. I'm just typing it out for them.