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Imagination is like Compost

So a few days ago I saw this image floating around Facebook: ( is an interesting site, though I wish they would provide sources for the quotes.) I find that I somewhat agree with this. Imagination is super important, yes, and possibly more important than knowledge. However. Imagination is like compost. You get out of it what you put into it. If you never put any info into your head, your imagination is going to have a very tough job. It’s by absorbing knowledge that we feed our imaginations. So many times I’ve come up with a story idea

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Recycling and Compost and How They’re Important, or something, not sure what the message is here, really

I would be more inclined to participate in my city’s compost and recycling curbside pickup programs if they made it easier. I know, that sounds like so much White Whine, but consider: There is no direct way from my yard to the front curb. All entry to my house is in the alleyway. So anything I want picked up at the curb I must walk all the way around. We have asked them if we can put stuff out at the end of the alleyway, which would just create one more pickup for them which is right next to