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In which I don’t complain about Powell River overmuch

Today I drove from Nanaimo to Comox, and from there I took a ferry to Powell River. This was quite a feat for me, being the longest piece of driving I’ve done since before my spinal injury. It was painful, but not too terrible, and some stretching and walking made my back feel…well, less cramped, if not awesome. Why am I visiting the Hellmouth this small little town, you ask? To visit my mom. And the dog, who was so excited to see me I’m newly bruised in places I didn’t know I could bruise. To say Tyee is

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Scratch my last

I don’t hope the CT scan shows something. Because if it does that means there’s something worse than muscle strain going on; there’s longer recovery; there’s me being weaker for a long time. Too damn bad. I made my wish and I have to deal with the consequences. Got my CT scan results back today. I have mild to moderate disc bulges in the three lower discs in my spine; the lumbar region. They’re not herniated, which means I’m very lucky. But I can tell you right now — if my mom had not been with me a week

dispatches from the loony bin / Gossip Diet posts / Musings

[hardly] Mundane Monday: Mildly Concussed [TMI health issues; bodily functions]

I have a mild concussion.  It should be the least of my worries; what with the possibly herniated disc. On Thursday I had really bad back pain and tried to sleep it off; by Friday it was worse. My mom came for a visit on Friday evening. I was incapacitated so we called the nursing hotline. Because I had tingling and numbness and because I’d spent an hour on the floor at some point that day, crying, unable to get up (until I finally did force myself to do it, through the pain, which may have injured my back

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The Melancholy of Memory

My partner and I made an apple crisp on the weekend. A simple recipe — sliced apples in a glass pan with a flour-brown sugar-cinnamon-butter combination put on top. Bake until browned. Basically. (Except we used margarine because we’re lactose-intolerant, and try to avoid dairy where we can so we can still have ice cream and cheese.) When I was a young child my Oma (Dutch for grandmother) taught me how to cut apples the proper way. Halve it, quarter it, use a paring knife to cut out the seeds and peel it. She was so good at it