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The Fear of Long Books

This is something I’ve noticed lately in my time spent in various author places online. There is an almost pathological fear of long books. I see post after post from people worrying about their word count, that their book is “too long.” I see post after post of people saying “Keep your book short because all long books are unedited pieces of crap and you don’t want to bore your reader!” (Paraphrased.) Many of these posts I see are referring to books in my genre — SFF. The word counts I’m seeing this about? 150K. 130K. 100K. *looks at

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Writer Wednesday: Answers needed for a poll!

Bellica is coming out soon, and I need some answers. I’m planning on keeping it up on the site for free and selling eBook and paperback copies alongside it. I’m a bit iffy on this plan, however, because I do need to pay rent and it would be nice if my writing career could support me. I want people to read my works more than I want money, yes, but I also want food. It’s delicious. And filling. So I need to know from you, the readers, if this is feasible. Additional comments? Post them below.

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Writer Wednesday: Your Help Needed for the Cover of my Novel, Bellica

Hello, faithful readers! I am in need of some assistance. My book, Bellica, is currently going through some edits and rewrites and I should have it all done by the end of September. At which point I will need an actual cover for the thing. I have a concept, and can borrow a camera — all I need is a model and costume and props. Great if the model just happens to have these things lying around, but if not arrangements can be made. The specs: Ideal model would be lithe and well-muscled — the character you’re portraying is

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30 in 30: Day 03 (in which I review PORN — I mean, part of the Kushiel series)

The best book you’ve read in the last 12 months This one is harder to answer because I’ve read fewer books in the past year than I usually have. (Yes, you read that right.) Most of the books I’ve read have been non-fiction, which usually means that I haven’t actually finished them yet. And I have trouble picking a non-fiction book as the “best” that I’ve read, because that’s not how I measure their worth — I measure their worth in how USEFUL they are to me (also what KIND of useful — Silver RavenWolf’s books are good as