At 10:22 pm on Friday, July 10th, I typed the last words to my first novel, Bellica. I’m pretty darn impressed with myself. Let us party. Also, for July I’ve written 55,977 words total. That’s since the 5th, when my monthly word-count starts (because of GYWO’s system on LJ). I’m incredible. *preens* Reading copies published by the 14th of August, godswilling, and actual book published….?? I’ll keep you posted. -Katje


Current Work

Been doing a lot of handwriting on Bellica since the 14th. I think I’m about 15? Maybe fewer; not sure. 15 chapters away from the end anyway. Kind of excited and scared about that. In other news I’m working on getting my poetry book glasstown published, so stay tuned for news about that. I’ll post again when I’m breaking out the champagne.

Lexophilic / Musings

Adopting words: senticous

Now, this is really a great word if you’re looking for the perfect word to describe a cat, or a cactus, or a briar patch, or someone who’s rather harsh. The word is senticous — what does it mean? Read below.  senticous adj. 1657 : prickly, thorny He pricked himself on a senticous bush as he searched about for his golf ball. The Phrontistery says this word was in use for one year — 1657.  I can’t find much else on it.  I’ve used this word many times already — mainly to describe my mood. It works perfectly. Give

Lexophilic / Musings

Adopting words: bimarian

For this week of lovey-dovey-ness and emotions running high, I thought I’d save a word that has to do with the sea. In several different schools of thought (not all, but definitely Western ones) water and emotions are connected. Even the words for sea and love in Latin — mare and amare — are similar.    bimarian   adj. 1731 pertaining to two seas Sentence: My travels have been mainly bimarian, but I would like to see more than just the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.   Phrontistery says this word was in usage for just one year, but it’s such


The Smell of Hope in the Morning

We’ve come to the end of an era, my friends. Not a particularly lovely era. A dark age, to be precise. We’ve come through the night and a new day has dawned, bright and shining (and misty in Nanaimo) — a new day, and we can have hope again, because change has come.  He’s human, of course. We all are. I do not think we should worship the man. I think we should be grateful for what he’s brought us — hope — and for the chance we have to get things fixed. I think we as Canadians should

Ten Thousand Hours of Procrastination

New and Exciting Forms of Procrastination

1. Sleeping all day.  2. Reading again. Currently reading The Love of a Good Woman by Alice Munro (collection of short stories) and As Francesca by Martha Baer, a BDSM-y novel I’m enjoying quite a bit.  3. Dinner at 3 am!  4. A multitude of sites.  5. Posting in my LJ instead of writing.  6. Doing the dishes.  7. Cleaning in general.  8. And now, again, sleeping.  Good night, all! (she said at 7 am) -Katje