Adventures with an Amsterdam Prostitute

This past weekend was a long one for Victoria Day (Canadian holiday — yes, we have those), so I decided to go to my dad’s for a few days. My dad is a farmer, and going to visit him means helping out on the farm or in the garden. WHAT I AM A WRITER I AM DELICATE FLOWER NO HARD LABOR NO. Well, I helped out anyway. AND DISCOVERED THE MOST AWESOME GARDENING TOOL EVER. It’s called a Dutch Hoe (and everytime dad said that I was like “WHO YOU CALLING A HO”), or an Amsterdam Prostitute, because that’s

Musings / Ten Thousand Hours of Procrastination


It pays off. I found my notebook! As I was posting earlier it occurred to me, somewhere in that thing I call a brain, that the notebook may be in my set of plastic, clear drawers, because I remembered setting the notebook on top of the drawers while I was packing. So I toddled on down to the garage, where all my stuff is sitting until we can get a yurt built in the backyard for me (no lie; I’m living in the library right now), and looked in the clear drawers and lo! my notebook! And the notebook

Musings / Ten Thousand Hours of Procrastination

I’m still your best pilot

I wrote 4,602 words in January and haven’t penned one since. I’m hoping to write about 26k a month this summer to try and catch up. We’ll see how that goes. Story goals are same as before, with an addition. Finish editing Parts 2 and 3 of Bellica and upload to site. Finish The Jade Star of Athering. Finish The Man of Bronze. Finish Islands of Fire and Water. Start that new story idea in November. Publish Bellica in hardcopy. Write Snowbound sequel (?). Write short story that’s been bouncing around in my head for weeks now. I’m going to see if I can do that


Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day….

2009 was a fairly productive year, writing-wise. I finished Bellica, started and finished Snowbound, and started The Jade Star of Athering. I also wrote a few poems, published a book of poetry, and reached a total of 156,732 for my yearly word count. I didn’t make my goal of 200,000, but I’m not too concerned about the 43,268 difference. It was a difficult year and I think I far surpassed my own expectations; the fact that I didn’t make it doesn’t discredit my valiant attempt. (Also, 70,000+ words in July is nothing to sneeze at.) I have the same

Musings / Ten Thousand Hours of Procrastination

Captain of the Carpet Ship

Drank quite a bit of vodka tonight, but thought I’d just pop in and say that Bellica is up at my writing site, so you should go check out the prologue and the first chapter. I’ve been doing 14 hour days at school since we began. Now things really get crazy. Trying to get back into writing, but this show is killing me. Maybe I will find time this week? With my homework for my second- and third-year classes? Lawls. Also need to get Snowbound edited so I can send it in to the Writers of the Future Contest.

Musings / Ten Thousand Hours of Procrastination

Writing hiatus

I am taking a break from writing anything new until September 8th because I have to work on editing Snowbound, preparing for Dragon*Con, going to Dragon*Con, getting together a working props list for Dove In Death (a production that goes off the end of September), getting together my production stuff for Just Shoot Me (the show I’m directing in November), and losing some weight so I can be IN the fall show that goes off end of October (The Balcony). Yes, three shows overlapping, right after the other. Plus 5 classes (more than  full load), dance classes, morning yoga,

Musings / Ten Thousand Hours of Procrastination

New Poems!

I wrote two more poems today, bringing me a third of the way to my year’s goal. View can be read here, and my Hierophant meets my High Priestess: all bets called off is scheduled for tomorrow. I think I may put my most recent poems into glasstown as well; I need to add more to it. Make it thicker. And a lot of my old stuff is just crap. July word count: 76,346 words YTD count: 124,301 Still working on edits for Bellica; maybe done by August 5th? That’s my hope. I also have essays to write for



At 10:22 pm on Friday, July 10th, I typed the last words to my first novel, Bellica. I’m pretty darn impressed with myself. Let us party. Also, for July I’ve written 55,977 words total. That’s since the 5th, when my monthly word-count starts (because of GYWO’s system on LJ). I’m incredible. *preens* Reading copies published by the 14th of August, godswilling, and actual book published….?? I’ll keep you posted. -Katje


Current Work

Been doing a lot of handwriting on Bellica since the 14th. I think I’m about 15? Maybe fewer; not sure. 15 chapters away from the end anyway. Kind of excited and scared about that. In other news I’m working on getting my poetry book glasstown published, so stay tuned for news about that. I’ll post again when I’m breaking out the champagne.

Lexophilic / Musings

Adopting words: senticous

Now, this is really a great word if you’re looking for the perfect word to describe a cat, or a cactus, or a briar patch, or someone who’s rather harsh. The word is senticous — what does it mean? Read below.  senticous adj. 1657 : prickly, thorny He pricked himself on a senticous bush as he searched about for his golf ball. The Phrontistery says this word was in use for one year — 1657.  I can’t find much else on it.  I’ve used this word many times already — mainly to describe my mood. It works perfectly. Give