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How not to be a dick to your friend/loved one/relative with eating disorders

Content warning: disordered eating, fatphobia, misogynistic language, description of child abuse Note: this is written based on my own personal experience with relatives, friends, loved ones, and my eating disorders. Other people may have different eating disorders and different experiences, and my post is in now way trying to speak for them. It’s just me venting about stuff that I go through every day. My eating disorders are, for clarity, binge/emotional eating and anorexia. Eating is a complete MINEFIELD for me before we even factor in other people’s comments, reactions, etc, because I am constantly fighting a battle with


Studying Stones

Today’s prompt for the FMS Photo a Day was “Sweet.” My lunch was sweet. Today has a hint of bitter to it. Three years ago in August, my Oma died, just shy of her 93rd birthday. Today she would have been 96. And for some reason today it’s hitting me hard. The first year was hard, of course; we’d just lost her after 4 years of prolonged illness and suffering, during which she’d gone to the brink and come back so many times we didn’t know how to grieve any more. After she died it didn’t hit me until

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Our relationship, in a nutshell

Just in case you were worried this blog had gone all serious business and long posts, all the time. I don’t actually remember when this conversation took place or even if I’ve shared it before; I found the screenshot of it when I was browsing through pictures on my phone. Pretty sure it happened when I still lived on the Island, though. In other news, this weekend I became obsessed with New Girl and Gossip Girl, because apparently I’m on a TV-shows-with-‘girl’-in-the-title kick. Gilmore Girls is on my list, too, because my friend lent me her DVDs of Season

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What will you cross off your bucket list this year?

Everyone should have a bucket list, I think — that list of essential things one must do in one’s lifetime. It can be specific — related to one area of your life, like writing — or it can be about everything. And I think it should be never ending. Hopefully life is interesting enough that once you cross things off your bucket list there are more you want to add. I just got finished reading Dana Sitar‘s A Writer’s Bucket List, and I quite liked it. I decided to participate in the Bucket List Challenge Blog Hop — that

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My mother-in-law’s cats

My mother-in-law — well, bonus mom, ’cause she’s not technically an in-law yet — has two cats. Xander and Willow. (The names are a coincidence. I swear.) Willow is a pretty mellow ginger kitty who has set himself up as my NaNoWriMo mascot. By which I mean he likes to sleep on the back of the couch that I sit on to write when I’m at my boyfriend’s house, and whenever I’m not clicking away on the keyboard I get kitty claws on my tits. He generally keeps to himself, but does ask for pets and cuddles. Aside from

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Probably a good thing we’re not actually living together…yet.

Boyfriend comes home from work, hungry and exhausted. Me: I ate your Nibs. Him: Fuck! Me: And your chocolate. Him: Fuck! Me: And a box of your Kraft Dinner. Him: …one of the good ones or one of the Tears and Poverty flavor? Me: Sharp Cheddar. Him: FUCK! I haven’t told him about the Chewy Dipps bars or the cans of Coke. I’m hoping he won’t notice until after I go home tonight.

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Swear Jars for the Modern Couple

I was chatting on Skype with my boyfriend (finally; been ages since we really talked) and spamming him with links to The Bloggess (aka Jenny Lawson), because her interactions with her husband remind me so much of my interactions with Mr. Katje. And her interactions/actions/etc in general hit me where I live. Also she’s awesome; you should read her. I linked to this post specifically, not needing to tell Mr. Katje I was thinking of setting this up for him. Mr. Katje: Then I’d just have to create some for you. Me: … Mr. Katje: “I have to pee!” “It’s