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That’s progress, I suppose

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I have not actually written any on The Jade Star of Athering since August 2nd. However, I have thought about writing on it, and even opened the notebook to the appropriate page so I can start typing up the handwritten chapters I have done so I can continue on, as I’ve reached that point where I look at the ¬†handwritten… Read more »

Daily Heart Attack

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Today I signed into Facebook and saw this: ¬† Augh! What do you mean only ninety-eight days? I haven’t finished The Jade Star of Athering, Islands of Fire and Water, OR The Man of Bronze! How the frak am I supposed to start a new novel in 98 days??? Ahh! Ahhh! AHHHHHHHHHH! *hyperventilates* *calms down* Nope, still upset. Fuck.