30 in 30: Day 19 (more talking about porn–I mean, the Kushiel series)

First edition cover
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Favorite book cover (bonus points for posting an image!)

Kushiel’s Chosen.

The second book in the series, it’s the one where we get to see Phedre’s marque in full on the cover. The previous cover showed a profile shot of her, which had only part of the marque. (Also…I’m not too fond of her face in the first cover (and the third). They don’t fit with what my head came up with, and there’s a certain amount of cognitive dissonance there. In general I prefer when the main character’s faces are not depicted at all — or at least only partially — on book covers, because it leaves more to the imagination.)

As is probably well known, Carey’s Kushiel series has an entire fanbase who have gotten book-inspired tattoos, most notably the marque. The marque is a huge part of the series, and it was nice to see it shown on the bookcover.

(Also, awesome to see her Longest Night costume.)