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Writer Wednesday: Answers needed for a poll!

Bellica is coming out soon, and I need some answers. I’m planning on keeping it up on the site for free and selling eBook and paperback copies alongside it. I’m a bit iffy on this plan, however, because I do need to pay rent and it would be nice if my writing career could support me. I want people to read my works more than I want money, yes, but I also want food. It’s delicious. And filling. So I need to know from you, the readers, if this is feasible. [polldaddy poll=4622124] Additional comments? Post them below.


Just a thought: Movie Rants and Podcasts (and there’s a poll!)

I may start ranting about movies on this blog, as well as books and my own writing/writer’s life. Because I have a lot of rants about films and I may as well get them out here because they frequently overlap with my rants about books. Also: if I started doing a podcast that contained said rants, would you listen to it? Because I’ve been sort of thinking of starting up a podcast, seeing as I have this nifty computer that has that capability, but I couldn’t figure out what the hell to cast about it. I’d have to have