Friday’s Sunrise

I could have posted this yesterday, but then what would I do for a scheduled post today while I’m away from the house (and unlikely to be able to sit down to write a blog post)?

Winter sunrise. #nofilter

I was able to resist adding a filter. I’m so proud of me. #filteraddict

(Yes, I did just type a hashtag as part of a blog post. Don’t judge me.)


Travelling all day today

Well, most of the day, and likely when I arrive at mom’s I won’t really have a chance to blog. (No, I did not get a chance to leave yesterday. So…much…cleaning.) Or I will have a chance, and will make a liar of myself. More likely the afternoon will be spent unpacking the car and then drinking wine and watching Grey’s Anatomy. At any rate, have a wonderful Sunday, be excellent to each other, and I’ll see you tomorrow.