Oh Dear Gods, Why Am I Still Up?

Site news, new sites, a makeover to my mom’s blog, coffee, insomnia, workaholism, NaNoWriMo, Literary+, Smoke and Shadows, bugs, boobs…you know. The usual.

This is what I get for drinking three cups of coffee in the morning. Coffee, plus “Oh, I’ll just work for a few minutes…” when I got home from my boyfriend’s place at 12:30am.

FOUR HOURS LATER…we find our heroine still sitting and working.

I’m a workaholic. I admit it. I have a problem. I get into a flow and I just keep working and don’t even look up or think about eating or peeing or sleeping. Then suddenly my eyes will flick innocently upwards, and I’ll catch the time in my glance. And I’ll pronounce, with great solemn dignity, “What the everloving fuck.”

And then I stumble to bed and collapse and sleep all day. When I get up I will proceed to vegetate for several hours, until I fall asleep at some ungodsly hour again. This will continue until I finally right my schedule to one where I’m waking up before noon, and for the days that happens I actually manage to be productive, until I get into a flow too late at night and…. Lather, rinse, repeat.

On the plus side, I do have something to show for my toil. PresentingKatje Writes. A brand spankin’ new site that showcases all most of my writing in one, easy to find place. At Katje Writes you will find Bellica‘s first 11 chapters, as well as various bits of fiction and poetry on the main site, and last but not least, my stories for Smoke and Shadows.

I mentioned it once before that Smoke and Shadows was a series of short stories written by Literary+ authors. Long story short is that Literary+ is going in different directions, but enough of us decided we wanted to continue with S&S, and we did. So far there’s only the one story up, but expect more after NaNoWriMo is over. (Oh, and you should go read Sanna’s posts at her blog. She writes about Witches too!)

But wait! There’s more!

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Apologies for being AWOL

It has been a weird month or so. Very busy, like a bee, if bees are busy. Haven’t had a chance to do any SFFSat, as much because my laptop, where my WIPs reside, has been acting up, as because I’ve been busy. I’m in the process of backing it up and taking it in for repairs; may not see it till Monday. It shall be a very hard time.

Actually, not really — I’m going camping this weekend! So no SFFSat from me this week either.

So, some quick bits of news today, and then I’ll see you all next week.

  • Presenting: Kat & Wolff! This is a new site to showcase my mom and me as a mother-daughter novelist-publisher-poet team, and I’ve worked very hard on it this past week. It’s not totally complete yet, because I’m still waiting on some info from mom, who is having her own computer issues at the moment. But it is definitely ready for some perusing, so why not go show it some love?
  • No real vlog this week; sorry, but with my computer issues I haven’t been able to. I am, however, upgrading my desktop Mac so that I can start to do vlogs on it, too, so I shall have a back up if stuff like this happens again! Or I just may start to do vlogs on my desktop exclusively. Who knows.
  • Bellica website has been updated! This means the chapters that are up are the actual final chapters now, and the site looks nicer. It’s also better designed with regards to marketing, I think, so maybe I’ll get some more sales.
  • Literary+ holy gods, and also the Muses have taken over my brain!

More on Literary+

Literary+ is a writer based project brought together and lead by Shen Hart. It brings together passionate, quality self-published writers to help each other promote their work, bringing more readers to every member. It was sparked by the simple fact that there are many top quality self-published authors being over-looked because they do not have the time and resources to efficiently and effectively market and promote themselves. With ambition and passion, Literary+ will take its members to the heights they deserve through a tight-knit community of like-minded writers.

So that’s L+ in a nutshell. It’s a really amazing initiative (and calling it an initiative makes me feel like I’m one of the Avengers so I’m going to do that from now on) and I’m excited to be part of it. We have weekly ‘assignments’ like flash fiction and photo contests, and we’re doing not only an anthology of short fiction, the proceeds of which will probably be donated to a charity of some sort, but we’re also doing a serial on the site itself, called Smoke and Shadows. My installment is going up on the site on September 3rd, and I think y’all will like it — it involves a Witch and a lycanthrope bartender. 

In the meantime, though, you should definitely stay tuned to the site to read everyone else’s contributions to the serial, which will be going up every Monday and Friday from here on out. The setting is urban fantasy, and the idea behind the serial is that each writer will do a short story, and they’ll all connect in weird ways. Currently the first one is up, by T. Pascal — go give it a read, why don’t you?

As well as fiction and photos, we’re doing articles, and I’ve already had one published! It’s about the wild and wacky road I’ve been on while publishing Bellica.

Since the L+ initiative started I’ve felt crazy-inspired, and a tarot reading I had on Saturday confirmed that yes, the Muses really are pumping my brain full of ideas and I should just take whatever happens and run with it. So I have been! 

I have so many ideas my head is bursting. I’m hoping to get some real work done on The Jade Star of Athering this weekend, and maybe some short fiction written too. If I do write any shorts, I will be posting some of them online to be read for freeeeee! Because I’m super nice and love you all so much that I want you to have free samples of my writing to read!

And if I ever get enough short fiction to publish a collection of short fiction then I will probably do that. Actually, I probably do have enough short fiction to do that, but eh. First things first — and first things, right now, are novels.

In other news, I will be at Nanaimo Pagan Pride on August 25th with a vendors table, selling copies of Bellica, La Chiripa, more fiction, and some poetry books. Stop by and say hello!