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Fiction Friday: in which I eat all of my mom’s Nutella

What are kids for, right? This week I am not reading any fiction — all my reads are currently a) serious academic tomes or b) books on paganism and witchcraft. Or both. However, I did write a short piece of fiction for Three Word Wednesday, now showing at live in demons and absent angels.  Go read that if you like dystopian stories. It’s about 750 words, give or take a few. I’m also hard at work on The Jade Star of Athering. I may not finish it by the 5th, as I’m also filming a documentary this weekend, but

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State of the Nano

As you can no doubt tell by the handy dandy widget to the right, I have 7K words to go before I win Nano. I won’t be done with the novel — hells, I’ll be lucky if I make it to the mid-plot point — but I will have won Nano. Considering I’ve spent the past three days working on getting Bellica ready for print (and will spend the next few days getting it ready for ebook) and have not slept overmuch, this will be awesome and worth much cheering. So I am off to write some exciting Nano

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of titles and word counts

It took me a while, but I finally decided on a title for my Nano-novel. Dead Transgressions. Sounds pretty detective-y, right? Anyway. I’m at 30K. My plan is to win Nano by Saturday the 12th. If I still need to finish the book, I’ll keep writing. If not, I’ll let it sit and focus on other things. Probably The Jade Star of Athering (which is sort of connected to Dead Transgressions, though I totally didn’t plan that at all as the two stories are almost 10,000 years apart). Still working hard on the release of Bellica (which now has

Gossip Diet posts / Nanowrimo / stories: Dead Transgressions / etc.

Adra got shot and it was totally bad-ass

Well, my main character, Adrasteia deKarme, got shot in the last chapter I wrote. It was in the line of duty, and totally bad-ass. The skin around her shoulder got melted off and then rebuilt from scratch. Thank the Goddesses for very advanced medical technomancy. She was very upset about her jacket being ruined, however. (Don’t worry; fashion technology is advanced as well. The jacket will survive. But it was touch and go there for a while.) Whee. Nano is crazy.