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My Friend from High School Died and it’s Fucking Me Up

This was originally posted on my Medium profile on February 21, 2017. Last month my friend from high school died, and we don’t know why, he just did, he was in his late 20s and he died of natural causes, which is just fucking me up because what the fuck does that even mean? Like my brain kind of thinks that if you make it through infancy then random natural causes should be off your list of possible deaths until you are in your late 80s. Unless you’re sick or you get hit by a car or whatever, you

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Things Overheard at Cue-to-Cue/Tech Dress for Dog Sees God

(By overheard, I mean said by me.) “Play my vagina like the bongos.” “This cup came all over my tits.” “I just hit the riser and make the Africa face.” “Hand-jobs: also played like the bongos. I hope that image stays with you when you meet my boyfriend on Saturday.” “You brought cookies? I want to kiss you on the mouth. Except I won’t, because, you know, but still. I wanna kiss you on the mouth.”