Speaking of style….

More proof that I am a thrift store queen.

This is just a short post to show off the thrift store finds I made this week.


The green sweater? Fits perfectly, and was only four dollars. It’s just my style and I needed a new sweater.

The scarf, though, is the really amazing find. For one, the pattern is awesome (tartan-esque). For another? Handmade in Scotland. And it’s 100% Cashmere.

Yeah, you read that right. Cashmere.

I paid $1.25 for it.

You may all bow down to me now.


(Seriously, this is as good a find as the 1950s Singer sewing machine, in table, that I found for 8 dollars.)

Mundane Monday: I am a thrift store queen

I would like to show you what I picked up today at Talize, a Value Village-like thrift store in Delta (where my boyfriend lives).

Picture taken with my phone, so excuse the quality please. That is a 1952 Singer sewing machine, in working order, attached to a table. It needs a few touch ups and some cleaning, but by and large it works perfectly.

Eight dollars. That’s right. Eight dollars.

This brings my sewing machine roster up to 3 — another Singer in a table, though much newer, and a…Pfaff, I think, I can’t recall, that has been broken for 3 years. I suck at getting things done and fixed.

However, I am extremely excited with this purchase because it is the older Singers that are better for heavy duty fabrics, like leather or denim, or many layers (which is what broke the motor on my Pfaff). For now it’s staying as a bedside table in my boyfriend’s room, but once I move over here into my own place it’ll take up its spot in the craft corner.

Costuming will be so much fun with this thing.