Happy New Year! (First Post of 2009)

And, because I hate myself, I’m doing [info]getyourwordsout
  this year. I’m pledging 200K words. That’s just under 17K a month. Can I do it? Oh yes. I think I can.  


Actually, though, when I looked over my word count goals that I’d set for this year ANYway, I realized it added up to 200K exactly. Eerie. And proof that I’m meant to do this, obviously. 

Thanks to [info]dameboudicca

  for letting me know about it just in time to join. ^_^ 

Updated my profile page and the website; now all the word count reports from 07/08 are on my site and my profile is less cluttered. 

I’m trying like heck to stay up till midnight but I’m sooooo.tireeeeeeeeed.

Sigh. Only an hour and ten minutes. (And yes, I know I dated this post as Jan. 1st I’M CHEATING LEAVE ME ALONE.)

No more Pepsi late at night. Makes me weird. 


Author: Katje

Three raccoons in a trench coat. I write about witches, wolves, and warrior women. Someday I hope to return to the wild where things have always made sense.