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So, screw the term “editing” — I’m doing a whole frakkin’ rewrite. The entire first part of my novel is completely nonviable. It’s boring. The characters are, well, out — of character.

So I started a rewrite today (yesterday; it’s four am) and have written over 4600 fresh words so far. Tomorrow I must dedicate to a paper, at least, and then I can work more on the book.

Haven’t been able to hit the gym because of horrible blisters on my feet. Ah well. This gives me more time to write.


Liking the rewrite a lot more but now worried I have to rewrite the entire book, as my characters are….different. The relationships and everything have changed.

Le sigh.

On the plus side, inspiration blindsided me on Thursday after class and have now solved the problem of not knowing what the feck to do for Bellica‘s sequel. I’ve changed the name and figured out the plot. Now I can’t wait for November so I can start writing The Jade Star of Athering. It’s going to be good. (I’m actually doing an outline this time.)

If I can rewrite the entire first part of Bellica this weekend, I’ll be incredibly pleased with myself.

So tired. Collapsing into bed now. I hope I wake up in the morning and not the afternoon.


PS: current gywo count is 107,101.