Writer Wednesday: it’s like the future sneaked up behind me and shouted “Boo!”

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I’ve just spent the past few hours reading about Twitter hashtags for writers, finding new and varied blogs about writing and the writing business, finding prompts and challenges for blogging, and finding out that self-publishing may be losing its bad rap sooner rather than later. Which is awesome, because legacy publishing is kind of B.S.-tastic. Holly Lisle is apparently now going the self-publishing route, after being published for over 30 books in the legacy publishing industry. She has some interesting things to say about it.


Apparently there’s been this techno-revolution in the world of writing and it’s still going strong. I only vaguely knew about these things; I had no idea it was so big.

I recently decided my blog is going to be my business platform. That’s why I revamped the site and why you’re seeing daily, if not more, posts from me.

All the new information bodes well for my career, because I’m planning on having not only a paperback version of Bellica out by January, but an ebook version as well. All I have to do between now and then is build up my online presence to semi-famous, and the book will sell like a hotcake.

Fewer than six months. I think I can do that. I’ll be on Twitter a whole hell of a lot, of course, and constantly searching for new ways to connect with other writers.

However, I could definitely use some help. Have any suggestions? Your own stories of reaching internet fame? What’s my next step?