30 in 30: Day 20 (good porn has kissing in it)

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Ok, there’s a lot of kissing in the Kushiel Series. The series is pretty much porn, with hefty amounts of romance and mysticism thrown in (any wonder why I love it so much?), and it’s fantastically written.



Later on in the book, Joscelin and Phedre (and Imriel) are on their way to find the Name of God so Phedre can save Hyacinth from his fate. She and Joscelin are having issues in their relationship because of their experience in DarÅ¡anga. When Joscelin and Imriel are fishing, Joscelin catches a large fish and drops it at Phedre’s feet. Something changes in that moment, and Phedre steps right over the fish and kisses Joscelin full on the lips. They find a secluded area and make love, blessed by Elua as they find solace and healing in each other’s caresses.

It was a very sweet kiss.

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  1. Casey McCormick

    This is my favorite non-children’s book series!! I agree. Totally fantastic kiss. The reader is absolutely desperate for that kiss by the time it happens. : p

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