Writer Wednesday: Your Help Needed for the Cover of my Novel, Bellica

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Hello, faithful readers!

I am in need of some assistance. My book, Bellica, is currently going through some edits and rewrites and I should have it all done by the end of September. At which point I will need an actual cover for the thing.

I have a concept, and can borrow a camera — all I need is a model and costume and props. Great if the model just happens to have these things lying around, but if not arrangements can be made.

The specs:

  • Ideal model would be lithe and well-muscled — the character you’re portraying is Bellica Yarrow, and she’s in the military. I’d model, myself, but I’m fucking fat. And that’s ok, but it’s not Yarrow.
  • Yarrow has long, curly red hair — we can find a wig if necessary.
  • Costume is leather breeches, cotton shirt, leather-mail tunic. Prop is sword. Doesn’t have to be real, just has to look real.
  • Your face will not be shown on the cover. I hate it when character’s faces are on the cover.
  • Shoot will take place in Nanaimo, Vancouver, or some area relatively close by to those places. I can travel, but would like to keep it close to home. Shoot will be in mid-September, ideally.
  • You will be compensated for the shoot. Not much, so this is ideal for models looking to build their portfolio, or a student looking for a small bit of extra income.

Interested? Know someone who might be? Please let me know by email: katjevanloon [at] gmail [dot] com, by my contact page, or via my Facebook.