Writer Wednesday: The Writer’s Bucket List

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This post is inspired by Heather Simone’s August 8th blog post of her writer’s bucket list. I read it and thought “That would be a great WW post!” and, well, here we are.

Some of my list items will be the same as hers, because, well, we’re writers and many of us have similar goals. Not rocket science, that.

So without further ado, I present Katje van Loon’s Writer Bucket List.

  1. Publish 4 novels. I’ve got at least that many as WIPs currently, so this should be “easy” to do (nothing about writing is easy).
  2. Finish a short story. I have this habit of making stories too big, and for once I’d like to write an actual short story. If only one in my life. So this is definitely part of the list.
  3. Connect and make friends with fellow authors. I have a history of being a recluse and I’d like that to change. (A little bit. Not by much.)
  4. Attend a writing conference. My mother has been doing this for years and I should really start to as well — she has so many contacts and she has so much fun at the conferences, I wonder that I haven’t started to go to them yet.
  5. Attend a fandom conference as a guest. Something like DragonCon, though maybe not that big. I’m not sure — cons where sff writers are more than welcome. (I know they’re out there; I’m just at a loss for names right now.)
  6. Win NaNoWriMo. I have been doing this thing for years and I have yet to win the elusive bastard. This year (2011) is mine.
  7. Become semi-famous. At least well known in the SFF circuit. That is a fame unto itself, and the one that matters most to me as a writer and reader of SFF.
  8. Actually develop a technique, and learn what that technique is. I do have a technique, but if asked to talk about it I start babbling incoherently because I don’t know what it is.
  9. Get a blurb from one of my favourite authors. Ideally, Ursula K. LeGuin, but I have a short list of favourite authors in addition to her name.

5 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: The Writer’s Bucket List

    1. Katje

      ‘Wrimo solidarity! 😉

      I actually think it’ll be my fourth try as well. 07, 08, 09, ’11. Yep.

      Well, fourth time’s the charm?

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