Mundane Monday: holy crap house showing already!

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As you may or may not know, I am moving soon – at the end of October, to be precise. I just got home from Vancouver last night to find a note on my door: “First house showing at 6:30pm on Monday, is that okay?”

Well, of course it’s okay, because I may be out of town again on Wednesday through Sunday and I sort of wish to be a good tenant in these last two months. (My landlady is awesome and I’m pretty sad about moving, honestly, but finances require it.)

However, this means I must clean! my house! Shock! Horror! Windex!

Ok, so my house isn’t that messy…for me. I’m a messy person. “Not that messy” for me means “Typhoon hit it” for a normal person.

So today I shall clean clean clean clean until I’m dizzy from the fumes! Also I shall go to the post office and pick up my package, and mayhap get some boxes from somewhere so I can start packing.

And then I shall spend the evening working on my publishing business as well as editing/revising Bellica some more so I can get the ARC ready by the 10th of October.

I swear, I really need a personal assistant to help me organize my day. My partner does okay at it, but then he distracts me with…um…things, and I get nothing done. Note to self: do not use romantic partners as personal assistants; the two positions do not lend themselves well to each other.

Heh heh. Position.