Rainy Fall Friday

Apologies for low quality of photo; taken w/ phone.

I was walking home from my friend’s house (she gave me a partial ride home from school; we only live a block away) and in my alleyway a tree has shed its summer skin.

There was a meadow made on the asphalt, all yellow, orange, red, brown. Leaves everywhere. Not dead, not alive — hovering in that space between.

I caught myself wishing that it was always Autumn — a liminal season being one I’m more comfortable in. But I know that if it were always fall, it wouldn’t be as special.

So now I must make every day before Monday, before Samhain and the beginning of Winter, when the old Hag takes over — now I must make every day last as long as possible, so I can savor the season.

Author: Katje

Three raccoons in a trench coat. I write about witches, wolves, and warrior women. Someday I hope to return to the wild where things have always made sense.