New cover for Bellica, among other things

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I designed one cover for Bellica, and then realized it really need some green in it. I’d always imagined Bellica to be a green-covered book, so why I designed a cover without any green is anyone’s guess. (I was super excited and rushed the process.)

So here is the new cover:

About the picture: my model, Dana Kagis, is playing Yarrow, the main character. She stands resolute, her hand on her sword. We can’t see her eyes, but we know they are looking off into the distance, fixed on a future she may not wish for. The light through the trees suggests twilight β€” a liminal space, where anything might happen. She is on the threshold β€” after this moment, everything changes.

As for what point that actually is in the book, well, that’s up for the reader to decide.

As for SFFSat: I haven’t been doing this lately. Reason being, Bellica will be out November 25th, and I want to save the rest of it for its release. The eBook will be $6.99, and the printed version should be around 26 dollars (subject to change based on printing costs). I suggest buying the eBook if you like reading on eBook readers, are hurting for cash, or just don’t feel comfortable shelling out over 20 dollars for a book from an author you haven’t read before.

If you have read my work, don’t like reading books on screen, or just really want a “real” version of the book (with formatting as envisioned), then I suggest buying the hardcopy. (Mind you, not hard cover. The EBM doesn’t do hard cover yet.)

And if you’re feeling really generous, buy both! πŸ˜‰

Regarding SFFSat: I’m starting NaNoWriMo on Tuesday, so future SFFSat entries will be snippets from my NaNo novel. It’s a detective story set in the same country Bellica is set in, but several thousand years in the past. No title as of yet.