Friday Five

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Five random things I need to mention:

  1. Bellica‘s distribution is going to be wider than I thought. Not only am I doing a Kindle ebook for 9.99, but I am also going to be using CreateSpace to make a paperback to sell on Amazon. More news on that as it develops.
  2. I am traveling this week to Orlando so I can learn Spanish in four days (true!). I will also be going to the Wizarding World. I’m so excited about this I could pee.
  3. I will have my computer while traveling but I’m not sure how much internet time I’ll have, so I may not post three times this week. I will post when I get back, however. With pictures of the Wizarding World.
  4. School has started and is already eating my brain. I am taking two directed studies on top of my two regular classes, and this may not seem like a full load but trust me IT IS.
  5. I lied. There were only four.

4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Melissa

    Have fun at wizarding world! And learning spanish. Four days to learn a language sounds intense. I took 4 years of spanish in high school, but I understand it better than I speak it.

    1. Katje

      Thanks! The Spanish thing is like some sort of specialized course. I’m not really sure how it works; only that it focuses on *communication* and not strictly adhering to grammatical rules. So. We’ll see how it goes, I guess. 🙂

    1. Katje

      Thanks! Don’t be too jealous; I managed to come down with a cold and had to fly with a sinus headache. Penance for vacation during school time, I guess. 😉

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