SFFSat, Feb 4th: a snippet from Bellica

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In this snippet, Bellica Anala is attempting a daring escape from an enemy nation where she has been held captive in a drugged state. This is from my recently released novel Bellica, now available on Kindle.


Through some stroke of luck she made it to the stables, where a young groom got another sleeper hold from her. She found her horse easily, it being the shabbiest creature there.

She pulled the docile mare about halfway out of the stall when she stopped. What am I doin’? She needed to escape, not go for a gentle city ride. She pushed the mare back into its stall and took a horse from a few stalls down.

This one was a huge, black stallion, who looked as if he normally had a terrible temper. Anala approached him cautiously and held out her hand. He sniffed it, then nickered softly and nuzzled her.

She’d always had a way with horses.


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