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The thought was half-formed in her mind when the sound became a high-pitched keening scream. She tried to clamp her hands over her ears but stood paralysed, rooted to the spot.

Out of the darkness came a lumbering white shape, galloping towards her with deadly purpose. It continued to scream and Yarrow felt her blood freeze in her veins as she realised what it was.

Flesh Screamer.

She stood, unable to move, desperately trying to draw her sword. Her body wouldn’t obey. Her skin felt tight and hard, all suppleness lost, as if it had turned to stone around her and locked her in place.

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18 thoughts on “SFFSat: wherein AHH ANIMAL ATTACK

  1. Jalisa

    Whoa. That is a powerful snippet. *I* was rooted to scene. It's terrifying and gripping and I loved it. You've got a serious knack for action.

  2. Misa

    I *love* Flesh Screamer – the name sounds terrifying alone. The last line is fantastic as well.

  3. cpsingleton42

    I don't know about everyone else but I don't think “Flesh Screamer” is going to run up and hug her warmly, whilst gently singing a sweet lullaby!!Great snippet!

  4. Katje van Loon

    Wow. Thank you. That is a really nice comment. Also you didn't do a post this week! I was disappointed. I wanted to see more from “Human”. 🙂

  5. Katje van Loon

    Thanks! I got it from an online writing-tool generator ages and ages ago…wrote it down as something I might use, and lo and behold — it ended up in the book. Never know what's going to come in useful. 🙂

  6. Katje van Loon

    Ah, yes — aside from their claws and fangs, the Flesh Screamer's wail is its greatest weapon, freezing all who hear it in place. Really, quite unfair — it's already a deadly predator, and then it gets to make its prey completely vulnerable. 😉

  7. Katje van Loon

    Dreaded mythic creature of Mt. Impri…dismissed as pure fantasy by most Atton residents, but still told as campfire story to gullible children. They even scare me.

  8. Jalisa

    Welcome. Just read the snippet again. Still chilling, still cool as hell. 🙂 Yeah, I couldn't this week 'cause I had a stop on a blog tour and would've been breaking the 24 hour rule. But I'm definitely in this upcoming Saturday! I'm glad you want to see more. I know the feeling because I am like, how is Yarrow getting out of this? And thanks for coming by my blog. Wow, I said a lot.

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