Everyone Needs to Laugh

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I’ve found a new comedian to watch and enjoy.

This is good, because I have had/am having an incredibly stressful week. We are talking more stress than I have ever felt in my life; this is bury-you-alive, crush-your-bones-to-dust stress. On top of school and work, emotional triggers surrounding past assaults have been battering at my senses, making me alternately livid, tearful, numb, or just insane.

So thanks be to Hal Sparks, who actually made me laugh about something I usually never laugh about. (Along with, well, everything else. Parts 1 and 3 are also must-sees.)

Trigger warning for use of the word rape. It’s at the very end of the video, so you can watch until about the last two minutes or so and avoid it.  It’s not a rape joke; this whole segment is about how the words we use, as a society, are really fucked up and essentially meaningless — specifically “unsweetened tea”, “non-smoker”, and “date-rape”. I’m in complete agreement with him about the last one, and he says it in a way that can make you laugh.


5 thoughts on “Everyone Needs to Laugh

  1. robinasams

    I loved Hal Sparks when he hosted E!’s Talk Soup, and (of course) when he was on Queer As Folk. I like the jokes, but he swears too much in this video for my taste.

    1. Katje

      I’ve never actually seen more than one episode of Queer as Folk. Heard it was awesome, but yeah. Never got into it. (Or The L Word.)

      I probably should watch them at some point.

  2. robinasams

    Part 3: He had me, then he lost me at “girl drinks.” Really? Girl drinks? Because they’re sweet, fruity, disguising the alcohol, they are “girl”-ish? I suppose it just shows how ingrained sexism is in our culture. Even men who embrace feminism (and women, for that matter) seem unable to completely escape it.

    1. Katje

      Eh. I took it as more as an outsider observing drinking culture. It is true that mainly girls drink those huge, colorful, “can’t taste the alcohol but it’s still chockablock FULL of it” drinks. I don’t think he really meant any judgement by it; more just “these are the drinks I see girls drinking, therefore: girl drinks”. And he did comment, indirectly, on the fact that these drinks are marketed to girls and yet contain still huge amounts of alcohol — the whole “where are my pants?” factor.

      Cause that’s the thing — they’re drinks that are marketed to girls because our culture wants girls to get drunker quicker at parties, and that’s the easiest way to circumvent the “good sense” we were given growing up while still being able to blame us for anything that happens to us. You drink a drink that doesn’t taste like alcohol, you get drunk, anything *happens*? Well, you knew the risks. Like he says, “I don’t need to roofie myself.” That’s what those drinks are — self-roofies, and he does make a bit of a jab at that.

      I really didn’t see it as being a jab at girls for “not being manly enough” to handle alcohol, or whatever, though. From a hardcore drinker, I might find it comes off that way, but from a hardcore non-drinker? Naw.

      At any rate, it’s not enough for me to stop liking him as a comedian.

      1. robinasams

        Hmm. Interesting point. 🙂 I didn’t say I stopped liking him; it’s just that that phrase bothered me, and I wondered if it was that invasive sexism sneaking through. I know I am guilty of small jabs of sexism, even as I strive to acknowledge and change it.

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