Technique Tuesday: Just write, dammit!

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I really need to learn to take my own advice.

I have been struggling with just writing for weeks now.

It’s only partially my fault, though. (No, really!) My laptop is on the fritz, so I’m trying not to overuse it while I work on backing up all my files from my external harddrive so I can re-format it for Macs and back up the laptop so I can take it to the geniuses at the Apple Store so they can look at it…it’s a big process, is the point, so writing has sort of come to a standstill. Writing The Jade Star of Athering, that is. Writing blog posts I can still do on my desktop, and have been doing pretty frequently, actually. (Yay! The Muse is back!)

So I’m trying some techniques to keep the muse turning so that when I can sit down and write, I won’t just end up playing Solitaire for hours on end (metaphorically speaking; my Macs don’t have Solitaire — they do have World of Warcraft and Kingdom of Loathing, however).

  1. Scribbling in notebooks. Ideas, anything — right now I’m working on reorganizing my religious holidays and various other ADF Dedicant Path stuff, so religious scribblings are big right now. It keeps the inertia of writing — the action — going, and that’s a big help.
  2. Cleaning my gorram house. It’s a mess and I can’t get anything done.
  3. Trying to go to bed earlier. I’m sort of failing right now, as I’m typing this at 3am. But I’m hoping to get up by noon, which will facilitate an earlier bedtime. Hopefully. Goal: eventually getting up by 7am-ish so I can write for an hour before the day starts.
  4. Eating healthier. This is also tied into other goals, but I find that when I’m eating better, I’m writing better.
  5. Trying to figure out the bigger picture of The Jade Star. I’m quite honestly a pantser with almost everything, but I’m trying to do some more plotting with every new story, in the interests of expediency. Bellica took 13 years; let’s not repeat that sort of timeline, okay? So I’m doing some longer-term plotting with JSOA, and I think it’s helping.

Those are five things I’m trying right now. I’ll also be reading some non-fiction about the Maya, as that’s the culture I’m using for inspiration in JSOA. Inspiration key word here, so when you read it don’t write me letters saying “But that’s not how the Maya really acted/believed/thought/practiced their religion!” It’s not supposed to be “real Maya”; it’s supposed to be Ixile’a, a people descended from Mayan colonists who had to reconstruct their own heritage after centuries of colonization and shit. So I’m not writing perfect Pre-Colombian reconstruction of Mayan religion and culture, here. I would honestly never even try to attempt that.

Also, yes, Bellica and The Jade Star of Athering are set on an Earth colony, but it’s been so long since the colonists arrived that no one remembers the truth of how they came to be there, and it’s shrouded in myths and legends. (Well, no one except Magea Rosa, who was around for it, but that’s another story!)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should go read Bellica. Just a suggestion.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow!

PS: I’m removing the ratings ability from the blog. From today on you will no longer be able to rate posts on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. If you’re confused as to why, watch this vlog!