Ursula apparently too fat to sell make up; am I skinny enough to wear it?

Disney is putting out a limited edition set of make-up items this September: “six limited-edition collectors’ dolls and coordinating beauty items” for six Disney villains, apparently “from Cruella de Vil to Maleficent”. All of the villains have had their image updated, to the point where Ursula has gone from a size 30 to a size 0:

What the hell, Disney?

I could get really angry with Disney here. This comes as a slap in the face to fat people everywhere — by giving Ursula such a makeover, you’re effectively saying “It’s okay to be a villain that tries to kill people, but if you’re fat you don’t even deserve to wear nice make up or a pretty awesome purple and black evening gown.”

Would it have been so difficult to give Ursula a makeover just by making her full human, as they’ve apparently done, and giving her some cool clothing? I mean, that’s pretty damn extensive; the lady is an octopus before the makeover. But no, we have to shave away the pounds, too!

Before now Ursula was the only character I felt even vaguely represented by in Disney’s movies. Seriously! The other fat characters in Disney flicks are nurturing, motherly types, and even then they’re not that fat. Ursula was gloriously fat and a megalomaniac narcissistic witch. Sound like anyone you know? Yeah, I thought so.

Imagine how many sales they would have made if they’d actually kept in body diversity. Instead we get the travesty above, which I honestly wouldn’t have recognized as Ursula if it weren’t for the pendant.

So instead I feel sorry for those poor unfortunate souls running Disney. They don’t realize what a majority we fat chicks are and how many sales they just lost. Nor do they realize how awesome Ursula was without being a size 0.

If they can’t realize that, that’s their loss.

And I shall continue to outrageously wear as much make-up as I want, no matter how fat I am. Because despite what you think, Disney, fat people are not only allowed to wear make-up whenever we want, we look fracking fabulous in it.

Case in point:

Gloriously fat and a total octopus witch. Booyah.

7 thoughts on “Ursula apparently too fat to sell make up; am I skinny enough to wear it?

  1. Catatonic Animatronic

    Holy fricken fuck!! I don’t think the world will ever stop catering to the ideology that beauty can be defined in such restrictive and demeaning terms. It fucking sucks. I hate it so much. Beauty is EVERYWHERE. I don’t have to be a fucking size two. I don’t have to have long blonde hair. I don’t have to wear dresses. I don’t have to slather myself in makeup, hairspray, nail polish, and perfume. I don’t have to wear high heels. I don’t have to do anything other than what I see fit for myself, and guess what…I’M STILL A MOTHERFUCKING GORGEOUS BITCH. And, Katje, you are beautiful too!! Pay no mind to the stupid assholes of the universe. They suck and their mothers ride vacuum cleaners.

  2. Leonard C Suskin

    Imagine if they made an actual *heroine* fat. Perhaps have a princess who does not appear to be a size zero.

    You know, so my five-year old who adores Disney Princesses can look at just one who isn’t a little stick figure?


    1. Katje


      The closest they come is with Lilo and her sister in Lilo and Stitch. They’re definitely not size zeros. Nani even has pretty huge thighs.

      Another reason why Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite Disney movies. (That, and it’s set in Hawaii and makes me all homesick.)

      But, Lilo and Nani are not Disney Princesses. They are awesome heroines with actual body fat, and WoC, and good role models — but not official Princesses. Which really sucks.

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