I am dissatisfied (Author brands and Battlestar Galactica)

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This post contains spoilers for Battlestar Galactica (2004). You’ve been warned.

When I chose the current theme for this blog I was in the process of revamping my online presence to better reflect my “author brand.” Apparently an author brand is an important thing to have, and I wanted to have one.

So I chose orange as my go-to color, and it dominates this site and Gossip Diet. I also chose my serious, bookish, I’m wearing glasses I don’t actually need and also I’m upside-down photo as my profile photo for all author-related things. One face, recognizable.

Recently, I changed that photo to the one of me as Starbuck, from Dragon*Con 2008. (More accurately the photo itself is from SeaTac airport on my way to Dragon*Con, but that’s a sort of useless detail.) Honestly, it better captures the sort of look I want to convey as an author my personality: I drink and swear a lot and can often be seen kicking ass in various ways and screwing up my life in others. Also I’m dating a Cylon who loves me madly and I probably will never shoot him, no matter what.

Somehow, since that change this blog has felt off. I look at it and I feel dissatisfied. It looks cluttered and too bright and headachey. I want something cleaner.

I also want to de-clutter some of the crap I have on here. To be perfectly honest, as much as I’d love to link to other writers in a blogroll it’s far too much for me to keep up with (because nothing is more annoying than an out-of-date blogroll), and it starts to look unwieldy and daunting in short order. I’m thinking of scrapping that and several other things altogether.

I’ve been browsing themes and trying to find one that fits. I’m even considering one-column themes, which is a major change for me.

The overall point of this post? Expect this blog to look completely different by Sunday, and don’t be surprised if it tries on a few different themes between now and then. I’m hoping the change will inspire me to blog more often. Just as I need a good notebook and pen with which to write in meatspace, I need my blog to look right for writing online. Because I’m crazy, that’s why.

And, you know, there’s a lesson for me here. The lesson is that there was a good reason the idea of an “author brand” felt wrong to me from the beginning. That reason is that I’m constantly shedding my skin, and choosing any one image or color or signature to represent me for my whole career is fundamentally dishonest to who I am.

To that end, my author brand must be me. Whomever I choose to be at that moment. I’m forever re-resurrecting myself in search of truth, just like Number Three/D’anna.

The other lesson here is that everything can be related back to Battlestar Galactica. The show will always be relevant and awesome.