Am ill. Please send care package of Nutella and Yogi Green Tea Echinacea.

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Ok, you don’t really have to send a care package. You can if you want to, though, don’t let me stop you.

I’m sick. It’s not the worst cold I’ve ever had, but it has some nasty flu-like symptoms, and it’s sort of knocked me flat. I don’t have much energy for anything right now, so I’m not going to blog what I was planning to blog today.

I think I’ve reached a decision about my blogging, however, and that is to streamline down to one blog for Katje van Loon. (Don’t worry; Morag Spinner will continue on at Innocence and Immanence. I won’t bore y’all with my religious ramblings over here.) I started Gossip Diet a while ago because I felt I needed a Blogspot blog for more…informal posts? I suppose that’s the word I’m looking for. I wanted to make my blogging here more journalistic, and my blogging over there more personal.

It’s too much. I’d much rather just camp out in one spot to chat with y’all, and frankly I prefer WordPress to Blogspot. Also, reading this post by Kristen Lamb sort of helped solidify that opinion.

So I’ve imported all my posts and comments from Gossip Diet to here (which is quite a bigger job than I’d anticipated, as it turned all my tags from GD to categories and now I have some clean-up to do), and at some point this month I’ll be deleting Gossip Diet. Or perhaps just making it private. I’m not really sure.

At any rate, you can expect both this blog and my penis to be much more focused and rewarding.

I’m sorry, I had to get a Community reference in here. And if you don’t get it and find it really offensive, I do not apologize. I simply say “Get thee to Netflix and watch thyself some Community, pronto.” They totally said pronto in Shakespeare’s time. It’s in the first draft of Hamlet. Little known secret.