Oh Dear Gods, Why Am I Still Up?

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This is what I get for drinking three cups of coffee in the morning. Coffee, plus “Oh, I’ll just work for a few minutes…” when I got home from my boyfriend’s place at 12:30am.

FOUR HOURS LATER…we find our heroine still sitting and working.

I’m a workaholic. I admit it. I have a problem. I get into a flow and I just keep working and don’t even look up or think about eating or peeing or sleeping. Then suddenly my eyes will flick innocently upwards, and I’ll catch the time in my glance. And I’ll pronounce, with great solemn dignity, “What the everloving fuck.”

And then I stumble to bed and collapse and sleep all day. When I get up I will proceed to vegetate for several hours, until I fall asleep at some ungodsly hour again. This will continue until I finally right my schedule to one where I’m waking up before noon, and for the days that happens I actually manage to be productive, until I get into a flow too late at night and…. Lather, rinse, repeat.

On the plus side, I do have something to show for my toil. PresentingKatje Writes. A brand spankin’ new site that showcases all most of my writing in one, easy to find place. At Katje Writes you will find Bellica‘s first 11 chapters, as well as various bits of fiction and poetry on the main site, and last but not least, my stories for Smoke and Shadows.

I mentioned it once before that Smoke and Shadows was a series of short stories written by Literary+ authors. Long story short is that Literary+ is going in different directions, but enough of us decided we wanted to continue with S&S, and we did. So far there’s only the one story up, but expect more after NaNoWriMo is over. (Oh, and you should go read Sanna’s posts at her blog. She writes about Witches too!)

But wait! There’s more!

I’ve also given my mom’s blog a makeover and new place on the web, and she’s been kind enough to write a new post for it! (I really need to get her into blogging more; she’s so good at it but she doesn’t plug in enough time.) Sungawuni, in case you’re wondering, is a name that was bestowed upon my mom years and years and years ago. According to the bestower, it means “Crazy Dog Lady”, though we’re not entirely sure as to the veracity of that claim. Regardless, it had a nice ring to it and her blog was in desperate need of a new name.

The rest of the sites I’m working on are not yet ready for public consumption, but rest assured I’m working hard. I’m working my little fingers off. Ok, they’re big fingers. BUT THEY ARE GETTING SMALLER.

Finally, I must warn you — sometime in the next week Bacon and Whiskey might disappear on you for a day or so. I know! The thought is almost too much to bear! But it is necessary. I am switching from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, you see, so after the downtime there will be a shiny new B&W at the same URL. No need to change your bookmarks or anything; that’s how awesome I am. I will try to make the downtime as short as possible, but chances are the transfer will complete while I’m sleeping. Or supposed to be sleeping.

So, rest tight, gentle wild readers, and I shall return tomorrow and the day after, with posts about bugs and boobs. In that order.