Productivity two days in a row? Madness!

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I’ve been productive today and yesterday. Granted, a bit less today, probably because I slept for fifteen hours and could have gone back for more (read: I’m exhausted). But I have gotten a lot done.

Yesterday I started the huge task of reorganizing all my books. You see, when I moved here, my mom unpacked my books and organized them as best she could, bless her. She did a really good job, but I am obsessively neurotic when it comes to organizing my books. (And a lot of other things, actually.)

I also started doing laundry because…drum roll please…I have a working washer and dryer! The saga ends, with glorious defeat of the Imperial Stink-troopers, The Emperor of Funky Fabrics, and the redemption of Darth Undies.

That’s not even all the dirty stuff. There’s still a pile in my bedroom, and I’ve already done four loads.

I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 11am today. I didn’t get right back to work; I sat down and had my coffee and spent some time on Google+. It’s National Coming Out Day (technically international), so I did that officially, as well as linking to my Full Frontal Genderqueer video again. Of course, being that official about it on my author profile was sort of nerve-wracking (especially as #NationalComingOutDay was the top trending hashtag on Google+ when I did), so I had to step back from the computer for a bit. Allay my anxiety.

I decided to continue my laundry and books work.

Don’t worry mom, it’ll be gone before you get home. Sheesh.

I haven’t finished the laundry yet, but the clean pile goes to the couch until I can fold it. It will probably take me all weekend to finish my laundry, honestly, if not longer.

I did manage to finish organizing my books! (Almost.)

Technically “The Return of the King” shouldn’t be on there, but I guess “read” can encompass “made an honest attempt and will probably never try again”.

No, that’s not all of them. That’s just the fiction I’ve read (and own, obviously — stuff I’ve read that’s from the library or that I no longer own for whatever reason won’t be on this shelf). This is the case that still needs organizing — they’re arranged by size but not yet alphabetical by author (for the same-sized paperbacks). I’ll probably do that tomorrow. And yes, there is a lot of Anne McCaffrey on this shelf. Probably because nostalgia means I can’t yet get rid of it.

The rest of it is here:

The red chair is blocking two shelves, but they’re empty. Well, one has about four books on it in the category of “I don’t have a fucking category for these.”

The rightmost case has a Scrabble game, my journals (filled and empty), and my Oma’s old books on it.

That’s non-fiction, and fiction I haven’t read. There’s a shelf and a half of literary fiction, or “fiction I’m likely to be assigned during my English degree” on the second case from the leftmost one, up at the top. The rest is non-fiction until the second case from the rightmost one — that entire case is speculative fiction I haven’t read yet, organized by size and author (big books and weirdly-sized books on the bottom two shelves; the rest are paperback organized alphabetically, A at top and Z at bottom — with the exception of a few Stephen R. Donaldson hardcovers which are part of the Gap Cycle that I didn’t want to separate).

All the non-fiction is organized by subject. The leftmost case is spirituality/witchcraft/mythology/religion/god-bothering books/Druidry/Central American studies/Hawaiian studies/Buddhism. After that comes, from the top down, poetry; literature/general fiction; comics/graphic novels, children’s books, and YA; drama/theatre/film/music; language. The third case is world history, Canadian history, science and anthropology, cultural studies, health and fat acceptance, women’s studies and feminism, and First Nations’ Studies.

Ok, I’m not sure what was more work — actually trying to figure out how the hells to organize most of those books in the first place, or trying to remember what I’d decided while writing this post.

Now, I’m off to the volunteer orientation for the Vancouver International Writers Fest, which is October 16th-21st. You don’t want to miss it! It’s a week of awesome writerly insanity on Granville Island, and it’s a lot of fun.

I may have an extra post for you tomorrow, but if not you’ll see me next at 10 pm on Friday for Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, which I’m finally participating in again.