Win Bellica (and 18 other awesome books) in a Literary+ giveaway!

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Bellica Yarrow, poster-child for ‘reluctant hero’, must fulfill her Goddess-given destiny and topple her twin sister’s cruel regime. The longer she deliberates, the closer her twin, Zardria, comes to winning…at the cost of everything Yarrow holds dear.

Literary+, that wicked-cool group I’m part of, is holding three separate giveaways! The prize? 19 ebooks, including a copy of Bellica!

Woah, you say. That’s a lot of ebooks!

It sure is. And entering to win couldn’t be simpler.

Go to this post and leave a comment saying why you love and support indie authors. Boom. That’s it. That’s your entry. Leave a comment, get a chance to win.

The winner will be chosen at random at 8pm GMT, Saturday the 15th of December. (And if you don’t win, there will be two more giveaways hosted — two more chances to win! I shall share details about the when of those giveaways as I receive them.)

Stumped as to what to put into your comment? Some ideas to get you started:

  • we’re sexy.
  • we’re friendly — if you say hi to us on Twitter, we will probably almost always respond.
  • our books are frakking awesome.
  • power to the people! Indie authors put publishing back into the hands of the proletariat 99%. OCCUPY PUBLISHING.
  • we’re basically the mom-and-pop bookshops of the digital age.
  • we love you, reader.

With all those reasons and more, there’s no reason not to go and enter! Right now. Go. Do it. I’m watching you.



PS: You may notice, to the right, a list of links titled “Literary+”. All those folks are authors who are involved in L+. Go check out their blogs, why don’t you?

PPS: Bellica is being posted online, serially, at the moment. I’m doing this both at Wattpad and at Bellica‘s website. If you want to get a chapter in your email each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can sign up for email updates at the site. If you’re on Wattpad, why not go and check out my page? This is all free, by the way. It’s how I originally published Bellica, and I’m doing it again, because it was a good idea. I just went through a period of temporary insanity where I thought it was a bad idea.

It’s still also for sale via Kindle and Createspace, and I’ve lowered the price for the holidays/possibly permanently*. You can now get the Kindle edition for 3.99. Smashwords edition should be ready really soon, too.

*Createspace price cannot be lowered. The book is 718 pages. That’s a lot of pulp and ink.