I can’t math

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Or do research. Or blog. Or anything.

December 24th to January 6th is not the 12 Days of Christmas. December 26th to January 6th is.

I’m two days off with this giveaway thing. Even after I counted four times before doing the first post. Even though I knew that January 6th was Epiphany and therefore the last day of the 12 days. Even though I used an actual physical calendar to count.

To solve this problem! The giveaway is still open until midnight-ish PST on the 6th/7th. Ok let’s just say till the morning of the 7th. Whenever comments close on these entries; that’s when.

Comment on any/all of the posts posted between December 24th and then to enter. Including this one, and the extra post I’m going to make sometime in the next few days.

You will just have two extra chances to enter.

I figure that’s fairest. Instead of making y’all pay for my screw-up, y’all get to profit from it! (Anyway, 14 is a lucky number for me, so it all works out. Right?)

So go forth and comment! Anything goes on today’s post and the extra one I’m creating; the others are still Christmas/Holiday/Solstice/WHATEVER-themed.

That’s it for today. Go about your business. And comment! For a chance to win two ebooks (in three formats)! THAT’S AWESOME, you have to admit. Even if I fail at ze maths.

2 thoughts on “I can’t math

  1. Jack

    Eh, don’t feel bad, I was never really sure what the “official” twelve days of Christmas were anyway.

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