SFFSat, Feb 16th: Introductions can be awkward

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And we’re back! I’m giving you more snippets from The Jade Star of Athering now, as I’m working on it again. (I may even finish it soon!) Last time, you’ll remember, we had Bellica Agate completely failing at diplomacy in her meeting with the Ixile’an queen who has taken over an Atherian town with her army. Now the Queen has insisted on introductions….

Agate stared in confusion, then realized the woman was asking for her name. Hastily she replied, placing her hand in the same position on her chest, then pointed to Damien and said his name.

Rain-Looking repeated the syllables of each name slowly, then nodded, as she committed them to memory.

“Good name. Ah-gah-tay,” she said, pointing to Agate, “mean She-Who-Guards. Brave name. Strong.” She nodded once, decisively, and then frowned. “How Atherian bell-eh-kah get Ixil name?”

Well. That’s interesting.

That’s also all we have for this week! Go check out the rest of the amazing snippets here, and I’ll see you next week with another snippet from The Jade Star of Athering!

16 thoughts on “SFFSat, Feb 16th: Introductions can be awkward

  1. S.A. Check

    It’s always entertaining to look at a culture through the eyes of another and see the similarities and differences, even with names. Great snippet.

  2. Patrick Stutzman

    Awkward, indeed! I appreciate the clarification on the pronunciation of Agate’s name. I was mentally pronouncing it like the gemstone.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Jade Star follows Bellica, right?

    1. Katje

      Well, theoretically you could pronounce it like the gemstone — that’s how the rest of Athering does. “Ah-gah-tay” is specifically the Ixile’an pronunciation. 😉

      Jade Star does follow Bellica, yes. The beginning of this book starts about six months after the end of Bellica. (I’m trying to avoid spoilers for Bellica as much as possible in the snippets. It’s difficult. ;))

  3. Peter Vialls

    So is it a coincidence that the name is Ixile’an, or is there a deeper reason here? Poor Agate is constantly being thrown curves and left wrong-footed! Great sequence,

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