Texas GOP, STAHP. You are not Time Lords. You don’t even have ONE heart.

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That joke may be lost on you if you don’t follow Doctor Who, or what happened in Texas on Tuesday the 25th (yesterday/today). I can help you with the second bit! What follows is my Storify compilation of tweets (some by me; most by others) telling the story of Wendy Davis’ heroism and her 13+ hours filibustering a bill that would have severely restricted abortion access in Texas.

Yes, in Texas everything IS bigger — including the Feminist Army (which is basically Dumbledore’s Army) and their enemy, the audacity of the GOP/Voldemort. And it was a mighty battle indeed.

But we (feminists and uterus-bearers) prevailed. Even when the GOP tried to use time travel against us, we prevailed.

(And now, in my head, River Song has become the General of the Feminist Army. This could work.)


[View the story “Texas Filibuster on SB5, bill to reduce abortion access” on Storify]So. There you have it. The full story as witnessed by me.

Meanwhile, the media covers baked goods.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering…

…why this matters to me, as a non-Texan, Canadian genderqueer person?

Two reasons.

1. I have a uterus, so anything that affects reproductive justice, anywhere, matters to me.

2. I HAVE A BRAIN and I can see that Canada likes, of late, following in the footsteps of its southern neighbor. So US politics? Matter very much to Canadians.

3. Ok, I lied, more than 2 reasons: FEMINISM IS NOT LIMITED TO ONE NATION.

Let me repeat that, in the affirmative.


And frankly, I’m kind of baffled that I have to explain these things at all but then again we just had the Texas Senate debate a woman’s right to speak, let alone make her own decisions over her body, while CNN discussed muffins.

So. There’s that.

-Kat, who feels like zie is taking crazy pills