Dear Translink: You suck. Sincerely, all the non-rich Vancouverites.

(Which is basically most of us; Vancouver is the most expensive city in North America in which to live.)

The next shot has been fired in the GVRD’s war against the poor: Translink has now decided that cash transfers from bus to SkyTrain are invalid, and one must use the Compass card in order to transfer from bus to SkyTrain. Ie, they’re charging you twice for the same service.

Thanks, BC Liberals, for the bloated piles of FAIL that you continually leave all over the province, expecting your constituents to pick up the slack so you and your cronies can enjoy a fifth vacation home. No, really, we are so appreciative.

2 thoughts on “Dear Translink: You suck. Sincerely, all the non-rich Vancouverites.

  1. Robin A. Sams

    Another expense for that trip to YVR to fly to see my parents next month. 🙁 (That, of course, is pending whether the workers at YVR end up having to actually strike. I hope that doesn’t happen.)

    1. Katje van Loon


      When are you heading over? Depending on timing, etc, I could maybe give you a ride? (My car is in limbo at the moment, but it should be insured again soon.)

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