Fezzes are cool

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I’ve been playing a game called FEZ, in which you play this little rectangle-headed dude named Gomez. Gomez is given a red fez and then he’s able to perceive the 2D world he lives in as 3D. He must then travel among the worlds collecting cubes in order to stop the universe from ending. There is at least one point where you go through a door into a room from one area and emerge from the room in another area without apparently moving at all.

This has made me realize I should talk about my thoughts re: The Day of the Doctor.

Or, well, maybe should is too strong a word. I don’t think anyone is waiting patiently to see my thoughts. I just wanted to write this post.

If you haven’t seen the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who


Overall, I liked this episode. It gets a 7.5/10 from me.

I think, however, they tried to do too much and failed to satisfactorily resolve everything. The balancing of two separate plots worked until it didn’t — I felt there wasn’t any real resolution with the Zygons-taking-over-the-Earth plot; it felt unfinished, left hanging. I did like seeing Ten and Queen Elizabeth I together, post-Martha pre-Donna, because I had been curious about the details there. However, I didn’t really like the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I. I suppose they were trying to make it clear that at one point she was a starry-eyed noble with thoughts of love and then the Doctor changed all that by deserting her, basically, and that’s when she went all “My blood is whiskey and my bones are iron”. It didn’t work. At all. And with Ten marrying her, it changes the past — he doesn’t leave her in a clearing somewhere, he marries her. Now, that may still inspire such a change in her as there’s no indication that Ten will see her again now that he’s married her. Still, I think the pre-Doctor-leaving-her Elizabeth was far too different from the ruthless queen we know from history. The change was too large, making it unbelievable.

Chalk this up to “Steven Moffat is terrible at writing women.”

Another complaint I have is Clara. I mean, she was fantastic in this episode…but it felt like she didn’t have much of a purpose. I’m of the opinion that the mystery of Clara was solved far too early in her story arc, and that not enough time was given for her relationship with the Doctor to really develop. In The Day of the Doctor their interaction leads you to believe there’s a deep, good friendship there…but that interaction is not supported by the bulk of last season. Just as I feel Clara’s sacrifice wasn’t as poignant as it could have been in The Name of the Doctor, I feel that The Day of the Doctor really undersold her as a character. She doesn’t seem to be a Companion in full rights, as previous Companions have been…it almost seems as if she’s just a Doctor groupie, hanging out in the background while the Doctor is all cool and exciting.

So…”Steven Moffat is terrible at writing women.”

Aside those two large complaints, I did really enjoy the episode. The witty banter was in top form and watching 10 and 11 go at it was hilarious, especially with John Hurt’s Doctor there rolling his eyes and saying “Oh for god’s sake!” Billie Piper as The Moment was fantastic, and I do believe there was a bit of Rose-Badwolf there too — she saw all of space and time, after all. I’m sure she influenced The Moment directly.

It was good to see 10 again. He’s my Doctor, and he was as sexy and clever and fun as ever. My heart broke a little when he said “I don’t want to go.”

John Hurt and Matt Smith were amazing and I loved seeing the cameo by Tom Baker. And his scarf.

Finally, seeing the last days of the Time War? Definitely cool. I also liked that they paid so much attention to the battle scenes, because it’s never been about that with Doctor Who, and it made it very clear the point that the Doctor who fought in the War was a very different Doctor.

Final verdict: good episode, will watch several times again.