Survived Surgery Today

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I had to go in to get my wisdom teeth removed today, at the hospital. They put me under light sedation so I was semi-conscious during the entire procedure. It was relatively quick and painless, and now I have a very numbed face and tongue and 4 holes in my mouth that have been sutured up.

They want me to bite down on gauze till supper if I’m able to. I did for as long as possible, but I keep drooling everywhere and I have to change the gauze so often it becomes somewhat useless. I’m just letting it be right now. Swallowing a little blood never hurt anyone.

(If I become a vampire, I’ll let you know.)

Right now I’m hopped up on T3s with codeine, so I’m thinking it’s time for a nap. After, mom and I will watch Grey’s Anatomy while I drink lukewarm soup and milk.

Hopefully tomorrow back on semi-solids like mashed potatoes.

I’m alive and happy to be free of the devil teeth that appeared when the Hellmouth opened in my jaws.