Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 episode 2, or “Gay Blood”

It’s been awhile since I did my thoughts on Episode 1. We’re finally watching these again. Actually we watched this episode a while back and I sort of jotted down some notes but they weren’t very coherent. Decided to re-watch it to get the notes better.

Spoilers ahead. Thoughts for episodes 3 and 4 should be up in the next few days (we did a marathon). Still working on episode 5. No, we are obviously not caught up. After episode 3 we sort of stopped caring for a while.

Thoughts on these episodes are not as involved as my thoughts on the first episode. Or, rather, there are more bullet points with smaller paragraphs.

  • So this episode starts out on an exceptionally high note, if you feel the way about gay sex that I do. Added hilarity that Jason’s sex dream about Eric is happening while he’s sitting on a pew in church.
  • Again, why does everyone still blame Sookie? Are they are all as terminally stupid as she is?
  • Whyyyyyyy is it so hard for people to accept the sundown curfew? Stay in and read! or play video games or something.
  • “Of course I won’t let Jessica in! She’s totally not in our attic right now. *cough*” Achievement Unlocked: Lying to Dad.
  • Oh Arlene. Shine on you shallow diamond. Never ever change.
  • Hey Sookie, while you’re searching for this dead body maybe you should try and find the phone you flung into the woods, too. CELL PHONES ARE USEFUL. Especially when you’re constantly in mortal danger.
  • If life did care, Sookie, you would have died a while ago. I think even abstract concepts like “life” or “the universe” have limits on how much bullshit from one person they can tolerate.
  • Lafayette is still one of the most down to earth, practical, straight forward, feet on the damn ground characters in this show and I truly do appreciate him. Also his sass cannot be outmatched by anyone.
  • Hooray, more stupid assholes stirring up drama for no damn reason! What? Sam is a politician you can’t trust? OH MY GAWD, NO WAY. A POLITICIAN LIED? How _weird_!
  • Ugh, Charles Percy, of course you’re part of this. I still don’t forgive you for how you treated Izzie.
  • Using Fae powers for good! Hooray! Perhaps Adilyn will be smarter about this shit than Sookie is. (Yes, Sookie has used her powers for good, but she’s also been very stupid about the whole thing.)
  • Why is everyone in this town dead? Why didn’t they just stay indoors at night until the Hep V vamps all died? Why did they let them inside? Why did they answer the door? WHY IS EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD TERMINALLY STUPID?
  • Seriously, Kenya? You’re going to allow the fact you’ve been passed over for promotion drag you into mob rule? Yes, racism and sexism SUCK and you’re probably totally right that’s why you got passed over for promotion but I _think_ the Hep V vamps are a bigger problem right now? Maybe? Just maybe? And mob rule isn’t going to help anyone? Hello? ::tap-tap:: Is this thing on?
  • Sorry Jessica, you chose a really stupid friend. No getting a hold of her because phones are for trees!
  • Oh gods I hope Hoyt’s mom dies this season.
  • How were they taken in the middle of pizza dinner? Did they hear the doorbell ring and go “Oh hey, that must be the Hep V vamps, let’s go answer the door and let them eat us!”
  • Pizza forensics. Best.
  • Waaah, so tragic and sad these people are dead! Even though they were terminally stupid.
  • Jason you are terrible at keeping house. Who flings a pizza on the piano? Seriously.
  • Sookie reading mystery dead girl’s diary about her romance with a vampire totally not ham-handed way of shoving in her ~*~true feelings for Bill~*~ in at all. Nope no hamhandedness here, nope. (Alcide notices how this affects you, Sookie. You are not hiding anything.)
  • Oh Jesus, now we get flashbacks. ::gets barf-bag::
  • “How could this be happening? How could our government be leaving us for dead?” Because you’re too stupid to stay indoors?
  • Ok so apparently this season is set 3 years ago. Weird. That is a brain-fuck.
  • I didn’t think Lettie Mae could get worse, but she did. Seriously though, I am worried for this woman’s state of mind. Has anyone considered, I don’t know, gently convincing her to go to therapy?
  • Let sleeping vampires lie, Lettie Mae. It’s like poking a sleeping bear for fuck’s sake.
  • That is some _subtle_ imagery there, with Tara on a cross, speaking in tongues, and a giant snake wrapped around her. Very subtle.
  • So is Arlene infected with Hep V then? Because, you know, Betty died super quick after biting into her and drinking.
  • …yes, Sookie, prove even more how stupid you are. Seriously. What. HAVE YOU HEARD OF A TELEPHONE oh wait that’s right YOU FLUNG IT AWAY augh why do I even bother anymore, go ahead, go walking alone after sundown, maybe you’ll get eaten this time (we can only hope).
  • Oh shit, no. Not Eric. Fuck you.

Episode 2 was possibly less boring than episode 1? I don’t know, it’s hard to tell. Also, I called it Gay Blood because of the starting scene and the running theme of James/Lafayette. This is a positive thing, in my view. I think True Blood needs more gay. MOAR GAY PLS

(All of TV needs more gay. And more bi. And more trans*. Just more QUILTBAG in general, please.)

See you tomorrow for episode 3.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on True Blood Season 7 episode 2, or “Gay Blood”

  1. Damian Trasler

    Having not watched any True Blood, my only comment here is that “Quiltbag” is an awesome verbalisation of the stream of sexuality-related initials. Although I prefer “Gilbert”.

    1. Katje

      Isn’t it? I love QUILTBAG. I actually want to make a rainbow-tastic bag out of quilted fabric with the word QUILTBAG across the front of it. I would likely keep my knitting in it. =D

      Though I hadn’t heard Gilbert before — that is also awesome. Makes me think of Gilbert Gottfried, haha.

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